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Indian Motorcycle bobber styling, now more accessible than ever. Get back in black starting at $8,999*, with payments as low as $111 / month**


The lightweight, cast aluminum frame and low seat make for an expertly balanced bike that's easy to handle at all speeds.



Turn heads wherever you ride.

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The Scout Bobber Sixty has blacked-out, stripped-down bobber styling you want with nothing you don't.



A side-mounted license plate and tail light with turn signals flaunts the chopped rear fender.



The low-slung bobber-style seat puts you in an aggressive riding position without compromising comfort.



Bold block lettering is a proud celebration of the Indian Motorcycle legend.

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Get where you need to go, quick.



Powered by a blacked-out, liquid-cooled, 5-speed, 60 cu in V-twin engine.



Eventually, you'll have to stop. ABS available for superior stopping power.



78 hp and 65 ft-lb of torque deliver a thrilling ride.


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David Wolf has been part of the LS2 Crew since way back in 2013, sporting his favored LS2 Carbon Arrow during the tail-end of his multi-year career in the AMA Grand National Championship. His racing carer took a short hiatus when his responsibilities in the United States Military sent him overseas to serve the red, white, and blue but Wolf wasted no time getting back into the racing scene when he returned stateside. The motorcycle lifestyle that he fell in love with as a child turned into a form of throttle therapy that helped him to cope with PTSD in ways that prescription drugs could not and it turns out he never lost his speed, winning his very first race back on American soil. Wolf no longer races professionally after having back surgery last year; instead, he places his focus towards being a good father to his two teenage sons, serving his community as a police officer, and just being an all-around good guy. We had a conversation with David to recount how he got linked up with LS2, talk about some of his fondest memories from his racing career, and what it means to him to share his lifelong passion with his family now.

Where did the motorcycle addiction start for you?


My motorcycle addiction started when I was probably about four years old. My stepdad, who was around racing pretty much his whole life, bought me a Honda MR50 and from that point on it was over. You know, it's a habit that you really can't kick. It's a habit that helped me get through a lot of rough times. My family owned a Honda dealership when I was younger from 1961 to 2014; we were actually the longest dealership in the state of Ohio for a long time, but then we moved to Indiana and the market just kind of fell. He was older and didn't want to change his ways so things just didn't go the way they should've, so we ended up having to close it down.


So it ran in the family for you through and through?


Yup, my real dad was a National Champion as well a couple of times over but he never started racing until he was in his thirties. We were at the track when I was probably six or seven and he tried telling me what to do and I looked at him like "What do you know? You've never done this before," and he literally walked out of our pits, bought a motorcycle, and raced it the next weekend. When he was a National Champion, we were racing against like Bryan Smith, Jared Mees, Henry Wiles, Bugs Pearson - and all those boys were teenagers at that time.


What made you pursue a career in dirt track racing?


It was all my stepdad. I owed it all to him. He was the one who took me down there and made it all possible; he was the driving force behind it. You know, that's why he's still my hero.


Did your stepdad race as well?


No, my stepdad never did race. He's just, in my opinion, the best Honda mechanic that probably ever lived which is probably biased because there are some pretty big engine builders up there with him. But he never put me on anything I couldn't win on.


What're some of the highlights or fond memories that stick out from your racing career?


Man, it's all fond memories. Probably the biggest thing was for me that I remember - when I left for the military the whole 450 scene was just becoming a thing, we all ran old 500s, 600s, Hondas, Rotaxs, and stuff like that. It was all old four-strokes, not the CRFs and everything, but when I came back everyone was riding the new 450s and I still had my 1979 XR500. My first race back after being gone for almost four years (serving in the military), I won everything that night. I won all my Heat Races, all my Features and everything. Everyone just looked at me and they were like "some people just never lose it," and I was like "I'm glad I never did." After that night, me and dad went out and bought my first 450 which I still have and ride almost daily.

Are you still involved with the industry these days?


I don't do any racing anymore. I had back surgery last year; I hurt my back pretty badly in the military and I never realized how bad it was until it was too late. I can't chance, you know, it going out again on me and not being able to provide for my family and serve my community. I still thoroughly enjoy riding. Me and my boys ride quite often when the weather permits and I'm getting my nephew into it now who just moved back from Colorado. He just turned five so he's gonna be a little speed demon. The want to do is still there, but with the way things are now, I just can't.


Were your boys involved with you at the races when they were growing up as well?


Oh yeah, they were there every race I ever went to. They were my pit crew, my inspiration; the kids that were yellin' or screamin'. Their dad was always faster than everybody else's dad whether I was or not.


As an original LS2 crew member, how did your involvement with the company come about?


I've been reppin' the brand since 2013. In August, I went to a dealer show in Indianapolis and I went up there and started talkin' to 'em, I loved their American themed helmet. There was an eagle one with red, white, and blue and then they had a carbon fiber one. I just fell in love with them and I started talkin' to Reg who used to race flat track and then he introduced me to Phil and we hit it off real good. I've been representing LS2 ever since.


What helmet are you wearing these days?


I have the Subverter now. First and foremost, I love the red, white, and blue since I'm a veteran. The red, white, and blue sold me just by the looks and then the fit and comfort just make it the total package. I actually own three of 'em - I've got one and each of my boys have one. I would say favorite LS2 ever would be the Carbon Arrow that I had, I absolutely loved it. That was one of the ones that I wore when I was still racing, I had it custom lettered with my race team and sponsors on there.


What kind of riding do you do these days?


We have twenty acres at home so we do a lot of trail riding and we have a like a TT track cut out and stuff like that. I don't normally jump anymore because of my back, but I still love to go fast, turn left, turn right, and do my wheelies - it's just something that never leaves.


It's a whole different perspective when you're buying helmets for your kids and not just yourself. What made you want to put them in LS2 helmets?


Honestly, I've taken some pretty solid tumbles. I had a really bad wreck in 2017 and I was wearing a $500 helmet from another brand - it cracked all the way down the center across the mouth guard and it was annihilated. I've taken some pretty good hits, unfortunately, in my LS2's and there's not one thing wrong; you pull the headliner out and it's still good and solid. I love the blowup cheek pads to limit the movement so if you do hit your head in a crash, there's no left or right movement. And there are no in-between sizes, you make it your size and that's kind of what sold me.


What’s it like to be able to share your passion with your kids and build those memories together as a family?


I mean, is there a better feeling? You know what I mean - carrying on the tradition, passing on the torch. I'm ready to pass the torch on but unfortunately, I'm still faster than my kids, so I told 'em if you want the torch and you want the bike, you've gotta outrun me. You gotta be faster than me! It's all in fun and games. Just to share the passion with them, motorcycles have been more than just a hobby for me, they've been kind of like a way of life. They got me out of some rough times when I first got out of the military and I was fighting with PTSD and the VA just wants to put you on a bunch of medication and stuff like that. Motorcycles were my anti-drug. When I was on a motorcycle, it made me feel better than any drug the VA could try to put me on and it helped me not collect that dependency. When I'd be having a bad day, I'd just start the 450 up and let 'er rip.



KTM 890


It has never been a better time to reach out to the world on a bike. Getting from A to B safely, quickly and efficiently has always been important but to do it aboard a machine carrying KTM’s READY TO RACE DNA takes the experience to new levels. A new model for 2021, the KTM 890 ADVENTURE takes the lightweight and sporty characteristics you’d expect from a KTM ADVENTURE motorcycle to deliver a supremely capable adventure tourer – both on and off the tarmac.

The KTM 790 ADVENTURE formed a robust basis for KTM engineers to begin their search to offer more – much more – while still maintaining that resourcefulness, light touch and confidence-inspiring handling. The new 889cc compact engine raises performance figures to 105 hp and 100 Nm of torque and the 20% extra rotating mass of the crankshaft brings an improved feeling at low revs while augmenting the centralized sensation and traction through corners. The KTM 890 ADVENTURE also comes with a refined and stronger clutch to cope with the boosted performance.


A new WP APEX rear shock offers greater customization potential through a new rebound damping adjuster and an additional hand adjuster for spring preload. The suspension matches the rest of the chassis configuration in placing the bike firmly between use for the tarmac and the trail.

Want the thrill of the gravel and breaking traction? Then count on 200mm of suspension travel, Dakar Rally-inspired ergonomics that mean the bike is comparably slim, light and manageable, an accessible seat height, a low fender, a 20-liter tank and KTM MY RIDE navigation. Prefer the flat expanses of the road? The KTM 890 ADVENTURE has Adventure-spec tires, a full-size TFT dashboard, Cornering ABS, Motorcycle Traction Control and Motor Slip Regulation, a seat that is adjustable in two heights and a strong yet lightweight subframe for pillion or baggage.

A range of KTM PowerPart upgrades means that Cruise Control (with the handlebar switch now provided as standard), a Quickshifter+ (with optimized settings), heated seat and grips together with a wide compliment of luggage widens the travel potential of the KTM 890 ADVENTURE even more.


Joachim Sauer, KTM Product Manager Travel: “With the development of the new KTM 890 ADVENTURE we hit all our marks by offering an upgraded machine for both road and gravel riding. With the new engine we worked a lot on optimizing the overall performance and feeling while out riding. The result is a big improvement in the bike’s rideability, better stability, less gear shifting and added comfort for the long days on the saddle. With the KTM 890 ADVENTURE we wanted a KTM that sets the benchmark through its performance on the tarmac while being able to veer offroad and keep the same high standards. As a true KTM ADVENTURE, this is a great machine to adventure everywhere.”


The KTM 890 ADVENTURE will be arriving at authorized KTM dealers worldwide from December 2020 onwards.






2021 YAMAHA TT-R230
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1. Broad, Accessible Powerband

YZ-inspired handling and looks with a stout 223cc air-cooled, SOHC four-stroke that produces predictable, broadband power make the TTR230 a great choice for beginner and intermediate riders.

2. Racing-Derived Ergonomics
The competition-style flat seat and tank junction position the rider for great mobility.

3. Convenient Electric Start
With a simple push of a button, the electric start makes getting started a breeze.

4. Trail-Ready Dimensions
The low seat height on top of a long-travel suspension and 11.6 inches of ground clearance make this a serious trail bike that's accessible for a wide range of riders.

5. Robust, Compact Frame
The steel, diamond-type design frame means great handling and strength.

Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 12.35.30

2021 YAMAHA TT-R230

Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 12.35.40

Broad, Accessible Powerband
Super-reliable, electric start, 223cc air-cooled, SOHC four-stroke puts out smooth, widespread power that is perfectly suited for all kinds of trails and riders.


6-Speed Transmission
Smooth-shifting, six-speed transmission with heavy-duty clutch is geared for maximum versatility and usable power delivery.

Digital Ignition
CDI magneto ignition system is ultra-reliable and nearly maintenance free.

Free-Flowing Intake
YZ-type air filter offers easy maintenance and maximum airflow.

Forest-Friendly Exhaust
Lightweight exhaust with quiet muffler and USFS-approved spark arrestor.

Low Maintenance Engine
Automatic cam chain

Robust, Compact Frame
The steel frame with a compact wheelbase and low seat height result in
superb maneuverability and super responsive handling for new and
smaller riders.

Advanced Rear Suspension
Linkage-mounted adjustable rear shock serves up 8.7 inches of
smooth, progressive rear wheel travel for great bump absorption and


Trail-Ready Front Fork
36mm front fork with 9.4 inches of wheel travel provides plush, confidence-inspiring control over rough terrain.

Generous Ground Clearance
11.6 inches of ground clearance are enough to handle almost any trail.

Lightweight Swingarm
Aluminum box-section swingarm features snail-type chain adjusters for quick and easy chain adjustments.

Dual Disc Braking System
MX-Style Wheels and Tires
Full-size 21-inch front and 18-inch rear aluminum wheels keep
unsprung weight

Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 12.36.14

Comfortable Saddle
Long gripper seat is low, comfortable and allows for easy rider movement.


Racing Styling
Team Yamaha-inspired colors and graphics and front and side number plates create distinctive styling.

Grippy Foot pegs
Large folding, cleated foot pegs provide excellent footing, even in wet or muddy conditions.

Fork Protection
Durable fork boots provide excellent fork seal and stanchion tube protection.

Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 12.37.30
Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 12.37.09
Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 12.37.20


Engine Type

223cc air-cooled SOHC 4-stroke; 2 valves

Bore And Stroke

70.0mm x 58.0mm

Compression Ratio

Fuel Delivery Carburetor
Ignition CDI

Constant-mesh 6-speed; multiplate wet clutch
Final Drive

Suspension / Front

Telescopic fork; 9.4-in travel
Suspension / Rear

Single shock; 8.7-in travel
Brakes / FrontHydraulic single disc, 220mm
Brakes / Rear
Drum, 130m

Tires / Front

Tires / Rear


L x W x H

81.3 in x 31.5 in x 46.5 in
Seat Height
34.3 in
54.5 in
Rake (Caster Angle)
4.4 in
Ground Clearance
11.6 in
Fuel Capacity

2.1 gal
Fuel Economy**
Wet Weight***
251 lb
90 Day (Limited Factory Warranty)
Team Yamaha Blue