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LS2 does not sell merchandise directly on Amazon. If you have purchased a helmet on Amazon and have an issue with your purchase (ie. items that are missing, incorrect, damaged, etc.) please refer to Amazon's return/exchange policies and procedures.



What shield colors are available for a helmet?

We have a range of shield colors that vary based on your particular helmet model.  Click Here (pg 96) for a list of shield colors and part numbers for your searching pleasure!


I just bought my helmet and it is too tight on my cheeks, how can I fix this?

We do have a few solutions that will hopefully assist in a more comfortable ride!

  • We do recommend at least 25-50 hours riding time in the helmet before noticing a looser fit.  This will allow the comfort cheek pad to “break-in” and conform to your face.  If you have ridden in the helmet for at least 25 hours and it’s still too tight you might want to consider purchasing slim cheek pads to give you more room. 

  • We have a variety of cheek pads and liners that can potentially give you more comfort.  Please note that the larger the size, the thinner the component. To determine if your helmet is eligible for thinner padding, please see the conversion chart in our 2024 LS2 Spring Catalog (pg 97).


I have a Large “xxx helmet” how can I make it an X-Lg?

Please see our catalog for a color-coded conversion chart to determine what sized parts are compatible with your helmet.  You can find this chart  on page 97 in our 2024 LS2 SPRING CATALOG | LS2USA.


I just bought my helmet from “ABC Dealer” how can I exchange it with you?

We would be more than happy to assist you with your exchange; however, we are the manufacturers for LS2 Helmets and would not be able to properly execute this request for you.  The dealer that you purchased your helmet from would be your best reference point for initiating this type of request. 

If you purchased your helmet on Amazon, please refer to your order history and look for the “Sold by” field on the item you purchased. This is usually found under the “Buy Now” button. 


Where can I find a rebellion peak/screw/ear covers?

The item numbers for the Rebellion Parts are:

Peak 03-008 

Screws 03-161 

Ear Covers 03-147 

Bluetooth Ear Covers 03-160

You can locate these items at your local LS2 Dealer.  Here is a link to find one near you: FIND A DEALER | LS2 USA  


Manual Requests

We do not offer paper manuals at this time; however, we have a library of how-to videos on our website that demonstrate everything you need to know about your helmet.  Here is a link to access those videos: HOW TO | LS2 USA.  


We also have additional how to videos on our YouTube channel, LS2 Helmets U.S. - YouTube.  Once on our page, you can enter the model of your helmet in the search bar and videos pertaining to your helmet will load.


Can Glasses be worn with helmets/goggles?

Glasses are compatible with most of our helmets.   Our Arrow and Thunder helmets do not have the mechanism to allow for eyeglasses, however all of our other current models do.



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