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Reigniting the classic style of the original Z1 900 motorcycle, the Kawasaki Z900RS motorcycle calls upon timeless design elements with minimal bodywork and no fairing for a pure retro-style look. The Z900RS family is powered by a 948cc engine and modern technology for a classic yet modern ride. The combination of a lightweight trellis frame and powerful engine allows the motorcycle to achieve a superb balance of power and handling while the retro design meets modern technology and performance for superb riding comfort around town and on the highway. All in all, it’s one of the safest and most comfortable bikes in its class while maintaining an impressive power output and the modern technology to tie it all together.


Double-walled headers, integrated connections and short megaphone silencer—all treated to a buffed finish highlight the Z900RS motorcycle’s retro-sport image. A round LED headlight and oval surface-emitting LED taillight pay homage to the original Z1 motorcycle with a blend of retro and modern designs. The high-tech multi-function LCD screen nestles between bullet-shape analog dials, creating a balance of retro style and modern functionality and the seat is well cushioned and comfortable for extended highway cruising and enhanced road bump absorption. Lastly, a classic look on both wheels with machining on the spokes and rim plus high-quality paint demonstrates superb craftsmanship from the wheels up.




The powerful inline-four delivers strong acceleration and silky-smooth performance for cruising at higher rpm and it’s tuned to deliver a satisfying rumble during engine start and idling. The powerplant is a 948cc DOHC electronically injected beast that produces a total of 109 horsepower at 8,500 RPMs and 95.0. N.m of torque at 6,500 RPMs. The power of a sportbike makes the 2021 Z900RS more versatile and appropriate for an afternoon spin or just day-to-day activities around the city.

The modern lightweight trellis frame provides strength to harness the inline 4-cylinder power and balanced flex to achieve responsive and agile handling. A relaxed upright riding position accommodates both comfortable cruising and sporty riding. The low seat height allows an easy reach to the ground while an upright handlebar position adds leverage for cornering and low-speed maneuvering. Powerful braking performance featuring a firm, progressive feel is helped by modern radial-mount calipers and a radial-pump brake master cylinder. A compact and lightweight Nissin motorcycle ABS unit helps reduce wheel lock-up under certain conditions. A fully adjustable 41mm inverted front fork and a horizontal back-link rear suspension offer progressive damping that delivers both ride comfort and sporty performance.


The availability of the 2021 Kawasaki Z900RS hasn’t yet been released, but the starting MSRP was set at $11,299.





2021 YZ250F (2).jpg
2021 YZ250F (14).jpg

2021 YAMAHA YZ250F

The YZ250 is ready to roost the competition with race-winning features never before seen in the 250cc class. It’s already potent motor was treated to a host of refinements, including an all-new cylinder head with an improved intake port shape, new exhaust camshaft profile, a new silencer, and an updated ECU and more—to produce stronger mid-to top-end power and increased peak power, while retaining its class-leading low-end torque. The YZ250F aluminum frame features all-new flex characteristics that give riders the ultimate combination of precise cornering performance and handling stability. By tuning the rigidity balance of the chassis with changes to the lateral beams and engine cradle tube thickness as well as engine mounts, top triple clamp and front axle, the 2021 YZ250F takes rider confidence to new levels.

Featuring a high-spec piston, aggressive cam profiles, cylinder geometry and more, Yamaha’s reversed cylinder head layout works to give YZ250F riders the best balance of high-rpm power with a broad, useable powerband. The liquid-cooled, DOHC 4-valve, fuel-injected engine features a forward-positioned straight downdraft intake with symmetrical intake and exhaust ports. A flat-top forged piston features a bridge-box design for additional strength with minimal weight. The piston, rings and DLC-coated piston pin, along with the offset cylinder configuration, all reduce friction loss and contribute to quick response. The engine’s intake ports, cam profiles, high-strength connecting rod and optimized crank and counterbalancer all work together to produce potent high-rpm power with user-friendly delivery and exceptional reliability. The transmission gears, dogs and shift mechanisms are designed to smooth gear changes and improve durability under the heavy demands of motocross racing. The YZ250F also features a large-diameter clutch to boost reliability even further under high-heat conditions. An innovative exhaust pipe design improves mass centralization and power development characteristics. This layout moves the rear end of the exhaust pipe farther forward and positions the muffler closer to the bike’s center of mass.

2021 YZ250F (9).jpg

The YZ250F features a compact electric starter system that minimizes restart delays on track and adds convenience everywhere else. Powered by a high-capacity and ultra-lightweight, four-cell lithium-ion battery, the system adds minimal weight. Yamaha’s free of charge and industry-leading Power Tuner app puts the flexibility and precision tunability of the GYTR® Power Tuner into your smartphone. Make fueling and ignition timing changes instantly and upload them to the bike for ultimate track-side tuning.

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2021 YAMAHA YZ250F

Yamaha's spring-type forks with refined, speed-sensitive damping give industry-leading suspension performance straight out of the box. Industry-leading, fully adjustable KYB coil spring-type fork with speed-sensitive damping provides an exceptional balance between handling and bump absorption for race-winning handling performance. The linkage-type rear suspension features a KYB® shock with revised damping characteristics to match the chassis. The YZ250F’s compact frame refines the instinctive handling that makes this Yamaha one of the best handling machines in the class. Large upper frame bracing improves rigidity and durability. The wider rear frame spars, and the YZ250F-specific engine mounts centralize mass for the best possible balance of bump absorption, stiffness and feeling of grip. A large 270mm front brake disc is the same system fitted to the YZ450F and uses an aggressive pad material for exceptional stopping power and braking control. Out back, a durable heat-resistant rear rotor boosts brake durability. Careful computer-aided refinement of each wheel’s cross-sectional profile shaves valuable weight without sacrificing durability.


The 2021 YZ250F is available from September 2020 for an MSRP of $8,299.