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LS2 RACE Report: TAMPA, 2023


Josh Cartwright was excited to make the trip to Florida and keep his impressive seasoning going. When Josh arrived at Raymond James Stadium he was excited to get the day going but was nervous for the forecasted rain. He didn’t let it bother him too much though as he hit the track with intensity. He circulated with intention as he navigated the rocky soil and kept his momentum moving. By the end of qualifying, Josh had impressed all of Tampa as he nailed down a time good enough for 22nd overall. When the night show began, Josh lined up on the outside for his Heat. When the gate finally dropped, Josh got a great jump but was pushed wide in the first corner. He put his head down and worked his way all the way up to 16th by the finish. Filled with angst, he launched off the gate for the LCQ, but again was pushed wide. He had his work cut out for him and he knew it as he started to make some passes. Unfortunately he would just run out of laps, climbing his way up to 8th by the finish.


Joan Cros has been doing his best to adjust to his new team, but money and resources are harder and harder to come by in this sport. Nevertheless, Joan keeps his spirits high and it was no different on Saturday in Tampa as he was excited to get the day going. He hit the track and began to find the fast lines. He was staying lit through the sand and doing everything he could to get through the deep section clean. By the end of qualifying he solidified a time inside the top 40 and was ready to go racing. When the gate dropped for Joan’s Heat, he got off to a great jump and found himself right in the middle of the pack early on. He battled with the boys all the way to the checkers but would come up just a few spots short of Maine Event qualification. In the LCQ, Joan got another mid pack start and did his best to move forward. By the end, he would make up one spot, finishing 9th, and have to call it a night in Tampa.


Scotty Wennerstrom was raring to get the day going when the sun rose in Florida on Saturday morning. Scotty had found something extra during the week as he looked especially spicy when practice began. He put his name on the board immediately in his qualifying session and found his groove. Scotty kept the momentum up as he navigated the long sand section and with that, qualified right into the night show. When his Heat began, Scotty was forced to the outside gate which in turn led to the outside in the first corner as well. He did his best to move forward but would be forced on to the LCQ. In this one a similar start occurred for Scotty and again he pushed all the way to the checkered flag, coming up short of qualifying position. He will make the trip to Oakland next week and look to capitalize.


Josh Greco was ready to give the premier class another shot when the day began in Florida. The sun was shining and he knew the looming forecast of rain was imminent but nevertheless pushed on with full intention of getting into the night program. Josh was turning all heads when practice began as he put himself on the top of the board in his division or 450 qualifying. The long whoop section was his friend right away as he blitzed through them with ease, lap after lap. Josh would eventually qualify just outside the top 35 and was ready to go racing. The lights came on and the gate fell for his Heat as he did everything he could to charge into the first turn. He was pinched off early and there just wasn’t much he could do but settle in. In the LCQ, it was unfortunately a similar story but Josh continued to push to the checkered flag and put on a great ride in Tampa.

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