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LS2 Race Report: St. Louis, Mo 13 2022

Updated: Apr 18, 2022


The hometown boy, Bubba Pauli was ready to do work on his own soil when the day began in St. Louis. Although his nagging knee injury wasn’t treating him the best, he knew he couldn’t let down the hometown crowd. Bubba pushed through and showed his determination quickly as practice began. Bubba made his way around with ease as he knew exactly what to expect as the track broke down. He would go on to qualify a very impressive 24th overall. In the LCQ, Bubba had one thing on his mind and when the gate dropped it was easy to see. He launched off the gate and fought his way through the first corner to come out on top. He looked good as he led the pesky swarm behind him but it was no bother. Suddenly disaster struck as Bubba had a mishap going into the tunnel and was forced to give away the lead. He would shuffle all the way back to 20th but would finish the race anyways. By the end he secured 18th position.


Cade Clason continues to build his path to the top tier of riders every single week. His riding continues to improve and so do his results. Cade was ready to keep the train rolling when the day began at America’s Center. Cade found his fast lines quickly when practice began and was enjoying the perfect traction of the tacky St. Louis clay. Cade was determined to avoid the LCQ by getting into the top 18 fastest times and by the time the sessions were over he would just squeak in. Despite qualifying right on the bubble, Cade was confident and ready to shine. In the first race, Cade got a decent start and was running toward the middle of the pack. He would stay there all the way to the checkers and pull off an impressive 11th place. The next two races were very similar as he was riding great as he secured 12th and another 11th, respectively. His efforts would be good enough for a very impressive 11th overall on the day.


The LS2 riders have all been industry leaders in improvements this year and Joan Cros is perhaps one of the most impressive. Joan was determined to continue his streak of stellar performances when the day began in St. Louis and most of all he wanted to be sure he put his Madd Parts Kawasaki into the Mains being that it was a triple crown format weekend. Unfortunately, Joan did not find all the speed he needed in qualifying, although still impressive as he would finish up 27th fastest. The LCQ hole shot hero, as of late, would go on to that race with determination and when the gate finally dropped it was his instead his teammate, Bubba, who would get the hole shot. Joan was just outside the top 5 as he chased his teammate down, and suddenly a mistake by Bubba encouraged Joan even more to make it happen for the team. In the end, Joan would find his way into qualifying position and line up for the Mains with confidence. Unfortunately, early on in the very first Main of the night, Joan had quite a mishap that sent him straight into the stadium wall. Luckily, he was ok after the incident but would ride very passively just to get his points. He would end up a commendable 20th overall on the night.