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Updated: Apr 23


Scotty Wennerstrom was ready and willing when race day began inside the Dome at America’s Center. With no chance of rain, due to the roof in the building, there was a different vibe in the paddock and Scotty was excited to race a dry track. Little did everybody know, they were in for some soft dirt due to recent rains in the area where the dirt is stored. The track started off decent with shallow ruts but by the time Scotty hit the track, it was deep. He knew he drew the short straw as his practice was last in the rotation after grooming, but he would give it his all. In the first qualifier, Scotty was ripping as he stuck to the ruts like glue. By the time the checkers for the session flew, Scotty landed inside the top 5 in his group and was looking good. In the second qualifier it was time to give it his all and he did just that. Unfortunately, maybe he gave a little too much as the tricky track forced him into a mishap where he landed wrong and jammed his wrist. He will rest up over the break and hit hard the following week. 


Josh Greco was on a mission when the day began in St. Louis. He was eager to show his speed on a dry track and when practice began, he did just that. Josh found his groove immediately and was looking flashy. By the end of free practice Josh had some new confidence and was ready to charge in the next session. He was dealt some rutted track conditions as qualifying began but it was all the better for Josh as he shines when the track deteriorates. He ended up 8th fastest and ready for the next one. The track was in much better shape when the second session began, and Josh struggled to find the edge he had in the first one. With an equal playing field, Josh did not best his time from the prior session but did end up with a solid 26th fastest time overall going into the LCQ. When this race began, a bad start would end his chances early. He would take the experience and look forward to the break ahead and come back swinging in Massachusetts.


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