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LS2 Race Report: Seattle, WA 12 2022

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Kyle Chisholm

Kyle Chisholm was ready to go, rain or shine, when the day began in Seattle. He was happy to be back aboard his 450 machine despite a nasty get off during the week. A crash at the test track caused him to take it easy leading up to Seattle, but x-rays showed nothing was broken so he was ready to line up. Kyle took to the soft and tricky track with ease as he found his speed quickly. By the end of qualifying he had solidified a spot in the top 20 fastest and was ready to drop the gate. In the Heat, Kyle jumped out to his best start of the year as he crossed the green flag in the top 3. He lost one position by the checkers but would go on to the main with confidence. In the final race of the night, Kyle didn't get the start he was looking for and set his sights on moving forward. Kyle did what he does best as he made it all the way up to 11th by the time the checkered flag flew.


Cade Clason was excited when the day began in Seattle. His two top 15 finishes from the last two weeks were in the front of his mind as he was determined to make it three in a row inside Lumen Field. Practice began and Cade took a liking to the difficult track immediately. The deceiving dirt made for great traction in some places and he took advantage. By the end of qualifying, Cade had laid down a time quick enough for a very impressive 16th fastest overall. When the Heat began, Cade had determination in his eyes and it showed when the gate dropped. He rounded the first corner inside the top ten and was determined to keep in the top 9. By the time the checkers waved, Cade had done just that as he went straight to the Main. In the final gate drop of the night, he unfortunately did not get the start he was looking for but began to do work. By the end he put himself into the prestigious top 15 position and checked another box off his goal list.


Joan Cros continues to solidify himself as a household name in the sport. Each and every time the 450 LCQ is set to go underway, Joans name is mentioned as much as he would love to avoid the chaotic race. When the day began in Seattle, Joan was determined to get in through the Heat and it showed as he hit the track with confidence. Joan would end up qualifying a very impressive 15th overall, his best of the year. He would line up to the Heat with confidence. When the gate dropped, Joan launched out like a rocket. He rounded in a top 9. Position and began to put down some laps. By the end, he had done as he punched his ticket to the Main Event. When the gate dropped for this one, Joans poor gate choice would be the reason for a not so great start. Nevertheless Joan would push all the way to the end where he would finish up the night 19th overall.


Scotty Wennerstrom is a staple in the sport of Supercross. With each and every week, he shows that no matter what he’s there and contending in the fight. It was no different on Saturday as the pacific northwest dished out its best. The clouds formed early and the chance of rain was always there but it was never enough to hinder Scotty’s performances, not that it mattered to him anyways. Scotty took his time learning the tricky track as he was in the final qualifying session in each round when the track was in its worst condition. Scotty would get the job done as he showed he had the speed to get into the show. In the Heat, Scotty did not get the jump he was looking for but pushed all the way to the end. In the LCQ, Scotty had a much better start and was doing everything he could to move forward into qualifying position. Unfortunately, he would fall just short of the top 4 and his night would end early.


For the last few weeks, Bubba Pauli continues to compete despite the struggle with his knee injury. Despite this, Bubba has actually been showing some of his best results of the season as of late. Seattle was no different as he took to the track with determination as the day qualifying program began. Bubba attacked the track and was able to find some lines that worked for him. He would qualify with ease and head to the night show. When his Heat race began, Bubba had a decent jump and had the top 9 in his sights. He was just behind his teammate, Joan, and was doing everything he could to follow him through the pack. A valiant effort but would end up just a few spots out. In the LCQ, it was a similar story as he chased his other teammate through the pack. With the top 4 in his immediate view, Bubba was doing everything he could to move forward but would again fall just short of qualifying position.


Josh Cartwright has been lighting the 250 East coast competition on fire as of late. With the series going back to the West Coast for Seattle, Josh decided to try his hand in the premier 450 division. Josh took to qualifying with confidence as he knew had the speed to make it happen. He attacked the tricky conditions and circulated with some serious speed. By the end he had qualified a very impressive 25th fastest overall. In the Heat race, Josh didn't get the start he was looking for but began to move forward in the opening laps. By the end he was knocking on the door of a qualifying position. In the LCQ, Josh was determined to get it in the Main as he launched off the line. He rounded the first corner around mid pack and turned on the afterburners. He continued to pick guys off at a high rate as the laps clicked off. By the checkered flag, he had made up nearly 10 positions but would fall just one spot outside of main event qualification.


Josh Greco has been steadily racing back into shop this season competing in the premier division of Monster Energy Supercross. He has been contending aboard his 250cc machine in the 450 division and this weekend in Seattle he decided to drop down to the smaller displacement class. He was determined as ever when the day began and it showed as he circulated the tricky Seattle course. Josh quickly realized he was in the upper echelon of his competitors and the confidence boost continued to push him along. By the end, Josh had secured a lap time good enough for 16th fastest overall. With his impressive speed, Josh lined up on the Heat ready to put it in the Main. When his first qualifier began, he unfortunately did not get the start he had in mind but continued to push all the way to the checkers. Finishing just a couple spots back, he went to the LCQ, ready to execute. When the gate dropped for this one, Josh found himself inside the top five pretty quickly and was pushing hard to keep it there. Unfortunately he just didn't quite have the fitness to hold on to the qualifying spot of 4th and would finish up in 5th.


After the East coast swing, David Pulley had 5 weeks to rest and reset and when practice began in Seattle it was easy to see that he was ready. He took to the track and immediately started charging. Suddenly his bike decided that it wasn’t ready and David was forced to go back to the pits and begin the mechanic work. He was able to find a new motor and began the process of installing it. By the time he got it done, most of qualifying was done, but he was still able to get a fast lap in. He would qualify into the night show with ease and go on the racing. When the gate dropped for his Heat, David got a decent start and was riding with a chip on his shoulder. Eager to end the day on a high note, he continued to work forward. He would end up a commendable 13th. It would be a similar story in the LCQ where he would also work up to 13th. On to the next one.


Addison Emory has been put through the wringer so far in 2022 Monster Energy Supercross. Multiple crashes while trying to race back into shape has made for some tough times but he continues to push through. After a long break due to the series going east for a few weeks, Addison was recharged and ready to get back after it. When qualifying began in Seattle, Addison charged through the light rain storms and was looking strong immediately. He kept it on two wheels and would easily qualify for the night show. In His Heat race, Addison got off to a mudpack start and was charging like a bull. He continued to work his way up and would end up 14th. In the LCQ, a similar start would put him towards the back where he again would put his head down and move forward. He would come all the way back up to 9th, ending his day on a high note.

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