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LS2 RACE Report: SEATTLE, 2023


Josh Cartwright was feeling great when he arrived at Lumen field in Seattle on Saturday morning. His season has been exceeding all expectations as of late and he was ready to keep it going. Josh was happy to see the sun out as the practice sessions began and he was pleasantly surprised with the condition of the track after the rain. He ripped through qualifying and put in a very impressive time good enough for 14th fastest overall. Josh took off in the Heat with intention. He was confident in his abilities and was well within qualifying position as the race went on. Unfortunately, the Seattle ruts reached up and struck Josh on the final lap sending him over the bars in a bad way. Josh brushed it off, and lined up for the LCQ with one thing in mind. The gate dropped and Josh launched off the line with authority. Before he knew it, he found himself cruising with clean air and was first to see the checkered flag. In the Main, Josh knew it would be all about survival and he did his best to keep it on two wheels as the track went away. He did what he does best and let consistency take him to 17th overall on the night.


Scotty Wennerstrom has been a man possessed as of late as he seems to have found lots of speed. He was relieved to see some sunshine when he arrived at Lumen field on Saturday and was ready to get back to it. When practice began, Scotty immediately found his flow and was looking feisty. He quickly threw down a time good enough for the fast 40 and began honing in his skills. By the end he would qualify a very impressive 29th overall. In the Heat, Scotty rounded the first corner just outside the top 15. He stayed right around there for the entirety of the race and would take his speed to the LCQ. When the gate dropped for this one, Scotty did his best to get a good start but was forced outside as they rounded the first corner. He came across the green flag in 13th and began his work. Passing nearly every lap, he was moving up quickly but would unfortunately run out of time finishing just outside of qualifying position.


Josh Greco was determined to keep his season going in the right direction when the day started in Seattle on Saturday morning. He has gotten things back on track and was ready to attack the surprisingly somewhat dry Washington track. Josh showed his cards right away as he navigated the tricky course. He was determined to get a good time in each and every session as there was no telling when the track would be the fastest. His ideology paid off as he would eventually qualify a very impressive 31st overall. Josh was ready to go racing under the lights in a chilly Seattle. When the gate dropped for his Heat, he did everything he could to keep it on two wheels around the first corner. He was pushed wide and the Washington soil was already beginning to break down, causing even more mistakes. He would set his sights on the LCQ and when the gate dropped for this one, he launched off the line. This time, he would come out in a little bit better shape but still had much work to do. He would do his best but would come up just short. Happy to leave healthy, Josh was looking forward to the off weekend.


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