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Scotty Wennerstrom was all business when he arrived in San Francisco on Friday. Although the wet weather seemed to be imminent, he knew the mud could either help or hurt and was determined to keep a positive attitude. Saturday began as a typical northern California winter day. The track had been covered the night before so track conditions were in question right up until practice finally began. Scotty was ready to go as the delayed schedule began on Saturday afternoon as he put all of his focus on watching the riders in the sessions before him navigate the track. Scotty knew he was going to have to lay down the fastest lap he could as soon as he could as it was easy to see the track was getting worse with each lap. Scotty launched down the start straight as his qualifying session finally began. He did his best to learn the track with aggression and was doing his best to put some mistake free laps together. By the end he had put together a decent lap just outside of qualifying position. Scotty knew he had to lay it all down in the next and final qualifying session. Unfortunately, the AMA announced that the second sessions would be cancelled and Scotty’s day was done. 


Josh Greco was happy to see the rain clouds when the day began on Saturday in San Francisco, California. He was confident the great equalizer that is mud would be beneficial to his skill set and he was ready to get started. When practice began, Josh was handed a track with some of the best conditions. He was able to jump most of the jumps, unlike the practices after him, and lay down some fast times. A mishap did cause Josh to tweak his wrist a bit, but he knew he could push through the pain moving forward throughout the day. It was announced that the second qualifying sessions were cancelled, and Josh was relieved as he had a qualifying time good enough for well inside the top twenty. Josh did his best to launch off the gate as his Heat began and knew the only thing he had to do was keep his bike on two wheels. With no goggles, Josh would finish 12th and go on to the LCQ with a good gate pick. The LCQ was unfortunately a similar story as it was all about survival and goggle issues certainly did not help Josh. His night was over but all in all it was a good weekend for Josh. 


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