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Josh Greco was excited to see rain in the forecast once again when the day began for the third round of the Supercross season. Fortunately, the track was still dry when practice began and Josh took full advantage as he scoped out race lines and potential mud lines. He found his speed rather early and was really looking good as the laps clicked off. Josh finished 25th fastest in the first session but was excited for the next one as he had more in the tank. Unfortunately, the second sessions were cancelled as it began to rain but regardless, he would go on to the night show ready to race. When the Heat began, Josh did not get off the gate like he had hoped as he realized he had found false neutral. He quickly got it back going but was way back. Fighting through the mud, Josh’s clutch began to malfunction and he knew he should get ready for the next one. When the LCQ began, Josh lined up on the far inside and patiently rode down the start straight keeping an eye on the rest of the pack. The chaos stuck to the inside and Josh came around the outside looking to make up some positions. He did exactly that as he was suddenly in 4th place and putting the hammer down. Josh began to manage his race feeling safe he was in qualifying position. Unfortunately, he may have played it a little too safe and another rider surprised him with a pass. He would miss the qualifying spot by just one position.


Scotty Wennerstrom was excited to continue his season when the day began on Saturday. With the anticipation for rain, Scotty knew he would take advantage of the dry track when the first free practice began. Scotty got the track dialed quick and began to find speed. He was clearly feeling confident as he charged through SnapDragon Stadium. Scotty’s first qualifying session began just as the rain did, and he knew he didn't have much time to put in a lap. Tackling the chewed up track, due to the other sessions before his, Scotty opened up the throttle. He crossed the finish line for his first possible green flag lap and was on the gas. He got through the first rhythm section clean and as he rounded the corner and began the next section, Scotty spotted a rock sticking out of the very rut he was already committed to. The rock wasn’t friendly to Scotty as his bike shot sideways and a decent tumble ensued. Thankfully Scotty was uninjured and dusted himself off and got back on the horse. With his bike all twisted up, he headed back to the pits to straighten it up for the next qualifying session. As if it wasn’t bad enough, Scotty heard the news that the second sessions were cancelled due to the rain and Scotty’s day was done as he never put in a timed lap. On to Anaheim. 


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