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LS2 Race Report: San Diego 2023


Josh Cartwright has been working his tail off so far this season and was determined to make it show when race day began in sunny southern California. Josh was in high spirits as track walk began and was ready to show the world what he’s made of. His speed immediately began to show as the practice sessions ensued, and was putting down some impressive laps. Josh navigated the San Diego ruts with ease and quickly put in a time good enough for 24th fastest overall. When the first 450 Heat began for Josh, he had a different look in his eye and it showed when the gate dropped. He came into the first corner with full aggression and got right in line in the top ten where he belongs. He continued to put in fast, consistent laps with no challenges from behind. He would eventually finish in 7th place and punch his ticket to the Main Event in San Diego. The Main Event was a similar story where Josh did work for the entirety of the 23 minute race. He would find his way to the checkered flag in a very impressive 18th position and would leave San Diego very content and hungry for more.


Joan Cros was excited to get back to the races after having some much needed testing time after Oakland was cancelled the weekend previous. Joan was now dialed in with his new machine and ready to hit the pristine San Diego track. In the first practice, Joan found his speed quickly as the ruts began to form. He safely made his way through the laps and would eventually qualify a very respectable 27th fastest. When the lights came on, Joan was ready as he launched off the line in his respective Heat race. He was pushed wide in the first corner but pushed onward. He made his way up multiple positions by the end but would be forced to go to the last chance qualifier. When this one began, Joan was back to his old self as he launched off the line. He was familiar with the feeling of being in front of the hungry pack but the adrenaline lingered a bit too long as he pushed wide into the first corner. He was mid pack as the green flag flew and went to work. Unfortunately, the track would win in San Diego as it ultimately caused some mistakes that ended his night early. On to Anaheim.


Josh Greco was eager to get back to racing when we headed south for the next round of Supercross. After a week off, Josh was ready to get back to it. Unfortunately the timing didn’t work out quite as great as he would have liked as he was hit with a stomach bug early on Saturday. Nevertheless, Josh would power through and head into the brand new Snapdragon Stadium. Josh found his groove quickly despite the illness, and put in his laps. After the first two sessions, Josh continued to hydrate between practices although it didn’t stay in him long but it was enough to keep him going through the day. He qualified a very impressive 31st overall and was doing everything he could to keep it going. When the night began, Josh gritted his teeth and launched off the line when the gate dropped for his Heat. He was pushed wide in the first turn but kept the pressure on to the checkered flag. Josh would head to the LCQ with the last bit of determination he could find. When the gate dropped for this one, he had a better start but was towards the back early on. He continued to push forward and was making moves. He clawed his way all the way back up to 15th and would call it a night in San Diego.


Scotty Wennerstrom had been in deep anticipation coming into San Diego as the first round seemed like ages ago (14 days). He was ready to continue the season on a strong note and the cancellation of Oakland was quite a disruption to most of the industry’s mindset. Nevertheless, Scotty was raring to get the day started. He cruised into the brand new San Diego stadium and began his first practice session. Patience, stability, and steady pace was the name of the game for Scotty, per usual, as he navigated the soft base of the Southern California soil. His first two sessions went well and he was ready to put in some heaters in the third. Scotty got up to speed in the first lap when the final session began and was looking feisty. Unfortunately, a fast lap attempt was ultimately stopped by another rider’s mistake and he went to work again. Scotty eventually would run out of time due to cautions and out of control riders on the tricky track and would miss qualifying position by just a couple spots. That and many other things would make Scotty happy to just forget about San Diego and set his sights on Anaheim next weekend.

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