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LS2 Race Report: Salt Lake City 2 2021

Updated: May 4, 2021


After suffering a separated shoulder in Atlanta, Kyle Chisholm was finally ready to give it a go at the finals in Salt Lake City. He got the shoulder taped up and went into practice with an open mind. He felt pretty comfortable right away and was ready to give it a shot. After qualifying top 20, Kyle had the confidence he needed to launch off the gate in his Heat. Kyle did what he does best and ended up getting into qualifying position and was ready for the last race of the season. When the Main began, he got a great start and was looking strong. He would eventually shuffle back to 15th, finishing the season on a high note.


Cade Clason has continued to show he is once again a consistent main Event competitor all season long and he was ready to confirm it at the Finals on Saturday in Salt Lake City. He qualified a very impressive 21st fastest when the day began and was ready to go to the gate. In his Heat, Cade got a good jump but would unfortunately shuffle back early on. He pressed onward but would just barely fall short of qualifying position. In the LCQ, Cade didn’t get the hole shot that he was hoping for as he came around the first lap just inside the top ten. He put his head down and got to work. As his intensity came up, so did his position on the leaderboard as he clawed through the pack. Cade made it all the way to 4th by the time the checkers flew. In the Main, Cade was happy to leave the season safe and healthy as he cruised to 19th overall.


Josh Cartwright didn’t exactly have the 2021 Supercross season he wanted to but was really looking forward to ending it on a high note in SLC. Josh has slowly been getting his intensity back and looked great when he hit the track for practice. Josh ended up a very commendable 24th fastest overall and was ready to get under the lights. When his Heat began, Josh was shuffled backwards pretty quickly and did his best to keep the focus forward. He would finish just outside the top 9 and head to the last LCQ of the year. Unfortunately, another bad jump off the line would conclude Josh’s season early.


Bubba Pauli has made it another successful season with his self managed team. Bubba’s efforts have been very evident as his team has had many stand out performances all year long. Bubba was really looking to finish 2021 strong and it seemed like a possibility as he qualified a strong 31st fastest. Bubba then looked aggressive in his Heat but fell just short of Main Event qualification by the end. When gate dropped for the LCQ, Bubba launched off the line and put himself in contention quickly. He had the position needed to make his first Main of the year but unfortunately, with two laps to go, a mishap would end his night early.


Joan Cros has surprised many people this season as he has been putting in some very flashy performances and backing them up with results. Joan was looking to go out on a high note at Salt Lake City on Saturday and he did exactly that. He qualified an extremely respectable 27th fastest and was ready to back it up when the gate dropped. In the Heat, Joan got pinched off early in the start and was forced to settle for 12th. In the LCQ, Joan was ready to leave a statement as he got out to a fantastic start and was first to see the green flag. He was eventually shuffled back to 3rd place spot by the end of the race but he had punched his ticket to the Main. What a way to finish the season for Joan, as he completes his 2nd career Main Event.


Scotty Wennerstrom had enjoyed his time in Salt Lake City and was ready to end the season on a high note. He took a liking to the track right away as he qualified inside the top 35 and was looking aggressive. Scotty was doing his best to move forward after a not so favorable start in his Heat. He was enjoying his time under the lights in the breezy Utah air but was looking for more. Unfortunately, another bad start would force him to do his work from the back in the LCQ and he would fall just short of qualifying for the final Main Event of the 2021 season.


Josh Greco was excited to see some big whoops when the day began for the final Supercross race of the season in Salt Lake City. Josh took to the track well and was able to secure his spot in the night show by qualifying inside the top 40. Josh rode really well when the gate finally dropped for his Heat as he was knocking on the door of a top 15 finish. In the LCQ, a bad start off the line would be the reason for a poor start as there wasn’t much he could do to move forward. All in all a great Supercross season for Greco.