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LS2 Race Report: Salt Lake City 1 2021

Updated: May 4, 2021


Cade Clason has again secured his spot as the main event guy this season in Monster Energy Supercross. Saturday in Salt Lake City was no different as Cade proved once again that he has a place inside the top 20 of our sport. Cade qualified strongly on the tight traditional track and was ready to go racing. Cade got out to a decent start in his Heat and put his head down. He made the passes he needed to and pinched his ticket to the Main with an 8th place finish. In the Main, Cade did his best to move forward but the chaos surrounding him was nearly overwhelming. He would hold it together and eventually finish up with another one of his best finishes ever, 17th overall.


Josh Cartwright has been on a slow but steady track of improvement since being injured at the beginning of the season. His results have been improving and he continued to do that in Salt Lake City. Josh qualified very strongly and you could see that little bit of extra spark in his riding. Josh did his best in the heat race but by the time the checkers flew, he would fall just a few spots short. Josh knew it was go time when the gate dropped for the LCQ as he launched off the gate. He was shuffled back quickly but was determined to move forward. He began to make passes and was doing his best to avoid the mistakes of the riders in front of him. He would make his way into the final qualifying spot by the time the checkered flag was flown. Josh would finish 22nd overall on the night.


Luke Neese was finally ready to get back to his 250 East Coast division when the day started in Utah. He knew where he stacked up against the field and was looking aggressive as he figured the track out quickly. Luke would qualify an impressive 13th fastest and go into the night show with confidence. Unfortunately Luke had some crashes when his Heat began and was only able to come back to 11th by the end, but he knew what he had to do. He launched off the LCQ start and was looking like a shoo-in. He would eventually be passed but would still punch his ticket to the Main. Luke put in work when the final race began as he finished just outside the top ten by the time the final checkers flew.


Devin Simonson was more than excited to get back to racing in Salt Lake City after many weeks without a gate drop. Devin was right back to his usual ways when practice began as he found his speed quickly. He Qualified inside the top 20 and was ready to go racing in front of the Utah fans. Devin shot out to a fantastic start as usual and continued forward. He would finish 7th and ready for the show. He got off to another good start in the Main after eventually settling in right behind his teammate. Devin would finish up 12th overall on the night.


Bubba Pauli has been riding better and better each week and he was looking to follow that pattern in Utah. Bubba qualified a very commendable 32nd overall and was ready to go racing. Bubba rode a very strong Heat race as he was moving forward the whole time. He would eventually settle into a solid 14th. In the LCQ, Bubba got a great start and it was looking like he could get it done. After dodging a crash by his teammate, Bubba was charging along when all of sudden he was hit and forced off the track. Nevertheless, great riding and he will be looking to finish the year strong this weekend.


Joan Cros was ready to roll when the cloudy day in Utah began. He took a liking to the track quickly as he put in very impressive times. Joan would qualify a remarkable 27th overall and would go on to the races with confidence. Joan, unfortunately, found some bad luck in the Heat race as he was shuffled backward for a little while. The LCQ was similar for him as he was in a solid position for about a lap until a mistake shot him away to the left off of the finish line. Luckily he was able to safely land on the flat ground but a tough block would cause a not so bad tip over (considering what could have been). Joan would remount but there wasn’t much he could do.


Josh Greco made the trip to Utah and was ready to get back to racing in a more traditional-style stadium Supercross track. His love for big whoops was once again rewarded as Utah had a challenging set laid out. Josh got used to the track quickly and jumped near the top in his practice early on. He would qualify inside the top 40 and move on to the night show. Josh, unfortunately, didn’t get the best of starts as he was forced to ride from the back of the pack in both his Heat and the LCQ. On to the finals.


Ryan Surratt decided to try his odds in the premier class at Salt Lake City 1. He slapped some white backgrounds on his 951 machine and let it rip. Ryan was having fun as always as he took to the track. He qualified very well as he ended up just outside the top 30. Ryan was underpowered on the start for his Heat but still put his laps in. He looked confident as he moved forward and was ready for the LCQ. When this one began, he again did not get the start he needed but was happy to get some gate drops in with the big boys of Supercross.


Scotty started his day off in Salt Lake City with some confidence after a good showing the week before in Atlanta. Scotty hit the track but unfortunately was struggling with some bike issues early on. Scotty put in a time good enough to get him into the show but was still fighting the bike throughout most of the day. With the clutch not working properly, Scotty did his best to stay competitive but there was no need to create a risk for himself or others. He would put in his laps and look on to the finals to finish up the season strong.

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