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LS2 Race Report: Salt Lake City, UT 17 2022


Josh Cartwright was excited to wrap up his season on a high note when the day began in Salt Lake city. His up and down year has had more good than bad and despite his college degree and IT job, Josh has proven that he belongs at the races. Slick hard track was tricky for josh when the early qualifying sessions began but he was determined to put it in the show. He managed to put in a time fast enough for 14th fastest in the East and knew the showdown was within reach. In the Heat, a bad start would plague him as he was doing all he could to move forward. By the end he was only two spots out of qualifying position. Unfortunately his start in the LCQ was similar to the Heat and he was at work once again. He did his best through the deep East/West LCQ but would come up just a few spots short. All in all it was a great season for Josh.


Every week, Scotty Wennerstrom continues to show that he is here to stay. His speed, consistency, and health have propelled him through this 2022 Supercross season and he was relying on all of it to finish the series strong in Salt Lake. Scotty was excited to get his day started and when practice began, he was ready.He immediately gained respect for the track as it was slick and hard. He began to find his rhythm and started putting in some impressive laps. By the end of qualifying, he had managed to put it into the show and was excited to go racing. Scotty’s Heats and LCQ were both plagued with bad starts and he was forced to work his way from the back. In the Heat he fought his way up to 19th and 17th in the next one. All in all it has been a commendable year for Scotty.


Kyle Chisholm was ready to put his stamp on an incredible season when the day began in Salt Lake City. After so much success the previous few weeks, it was easy to see that Kyle was confident to finish strong. He carried that confidence with him to the track and it was easy to see in his riding. He would go on to qualify 13th but knew he had more in the tank. In the Heat race, Kyle got a pretty good jump and was charging down the start straight, he rounded the first corner near the top 5 and began pushing forward. By the checkers he had reached up to 4th and was ready for the Main. In the final race of the season, Kyle got out to a mudpack start and was working hard to keep it. Kyle went on to do what he does best and wear down his competitors. Eventually he would finish in a very impressive 11th position.


Cade Clason came into Salt Lake City with fire in his eyes. After missing the main due to an incident just the weekend previous, Cade was more than determined to end the season a high note. He looked strong as soon as practice began on Saturday morning as he flew around the track. He figured out the fast lines early and eventually ran a 49.2 which was good enough for 14th overall. He was happy to see his times in the top 15 and was eager to show his speed in the racing conditions. In the first Heat, Cade was forced right away to move through the pack. After a poor start, he continued to push and would eventually end up with 8th. Cade was pumped although he knew he was deserving of it. In the Main, Cade’s start was unfortunately worse as he came out spinning and immediately was forced with more than he wanted to handle.After a few laps, he began to move forward and was looking sharp. Unfortunately , his season would be cut off early as his bike decided to call it a day. His machine locked up off of the big triple but luckily he was unharmed.


Although already looking into the future, Bubba Pauli was ready to finish his 2022 Supercross season strong. His speed improvement the last few weeks has shown that he is not finished yet and will keep fighting for what he wants. His practice in Salt Lake started a little bit earlier than usual and he was ready to give it his all. He put his name on the board quickly after the green flag waved and found himself top 5 fastest in most of his practice. By the time qualifying was over, Bubba had managed a near top 25 time and was ready to give it a shot for one last time in 22. When the gate dropped for his heat Bubba did not come out the way he wanted to and was struggling through the one line sections immediately. He was able to move forward a bit but would eventually settle in 14th which would send him to the LCQ. Eager to finish the season strong, Bubba had hopes he would get a good start in the LCQ but unfortunately this was not the case. He was forced to the rear quickly and did his best to move forward but would finish 14th in the LCQ.


Heading into the final round of the year Josh Greco was looking really good. Josh Greco’s speed on the track has been very impressive the last few rounds. His improvements have been turning heads and his fitness has continued to improve as well. Josh was hoping to bring that same charisma in Salt Lake and finish the 22 season strong. When practice began Josh conquered the whoops with ease as he normally does. He looked comfortable right away and was really looking strong. Although the track was super dry he did his best and would move to the next session on the bubble. Josh again looked good when the second and final session began. He put his name on the board quickly unfortunately, his name would not stay up there for as long as he needed and he would miss the night show by one spot.


David Pulley has been riding a steady train of improvement all season long. All in all, 2022 was a step in the right direction for him and he was determined to keep the ball rolling at the finale in Salt Lake City. David was able to figure out the track quickly when practice began on Saturday morningand he was looking hungrier than ever. He found the fast lines quickly and began executing. The whoops were tricky all night but he managed them well and was not held back by them. By the time Pulley had finished the final timed session, he had qualified his best position of the year with 21st overall in the 250 West coast division. Unfortunately for David, Salt Lake was an East/West Showdown. Although it was his best qualifying rank of the year, the combined coasts would make him miss the show by just one spot.


Addison Emory decided to make the trip up to Salt Lake to put an exclamation point on his 2022 Supercross season. After a very up and down season he was determined to keep it on two wheels and get out of there safe. In the firstsession of the morning Addison was sent out on the wet and slippery track. He did his best to find the best line but no lines had been etched in yet. He lined up for the second session knowing it was time to execute. This time the track was very slick and dry with a layer of dust floating in the air. Addison did his best but unfortunately the track would win as he would miss out on qualification by just a few spots.

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