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Josh Cartwright came into the final round of 2023 Monster Energy Supercross in Salt Lake City with an abundance of confidence. Still riding the high from his big LCQ challenge win from the week before, Josh was more than ready to finish off his season on a high note. When qualifying began, Josh immediately felt at home as he navigated the Utah track. He posted an impressive time fast enough for 14th overall by the time the qualifying sessions were finished. In his Heat race, Josh launched off the gate with a great jump but his luck turned in a hurry. After a mishap, Josh got back going and was determined to get himself back inside the top 9. He was furiously making passes and with a lap to go he had moved into 9th position. He set his sights on the next one and was ready to execute. When the gate dropped for the Main, Josh fell unlucky again as he found himself in the very back. He was not going to settle and began his work. He worked his way all the way up into the top 15 about midway through but would again find himself having to pass the same riders again due to a mishap. After all the laps, Josh would come across in 16th, still a very commendable finish to end his season.


Josh Greco has had a roller coaster of a season thus far in 2023. His results have been up and down due to many issues, but he was undoubtedly ready to end it on a high note when the day began for the final round of 2023 Supercross inside Rice-Eccles stadium on Saturday. Josh found his groove quickly when practice began and was punishing the whoops per usual. His times were looking strong early on and he improved them with each and every round. He ended up qualifying just inside the top 35 and was ready to go under the lights for the final race of the season. When his Heat began, Josh did his best to find traction as the rain began to fall. The track was slippery and forced him to the back a lot faster than he would have liked. He regained composure and began to move forward. By the end he would end up just shy of qualifying position and was ready to give it one final shot. When the gate finally dropped for the LCQ, the track had been groomed causing some serious inconsistencies in the traction. Josh, along with many others, were handed all they could handle as they virtually tiptoed around the track. Josh did his best to move forward but would ultimately fall just short once again. All in all it was a great season for Josh showing many improvements in multiple aspects of his program.


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