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Kyle Chisholm has been showing some very aggressive strides as of late. His speed seems to be steadily improving and the Florida boy was ready to continue it Saturday night in his home state. He qualified just outside the top 20 despite the class being overpopulated with 250 East riders switching to the big bike. Kyle had a fantastic Heat race and was working his butt off to get into qualifying position but would fall just short. When the gate dropped for the LCQ, Kyle knew it was now or never. He slid into second early and immediately made the pass on leader Brandon Hartranft. Kyle began to pull away and would eventually finish 2nd behind Dean Wilson. A not-so-favorable start in the Main would put Kyle 20th overall on the night.


Joan Cros continued his confident ways when the day began in Orlando. He charged the hard-packed track and was feeling his flow right away. Joan knew qualifying was going to be tough due to the influx of east coast 250 riders joining the premier class due to the west coast swing. He kept his head down and didn’t let it bother him. Joan qualified for the night show with ease and was set to go racing. When his Heat began, Joan launched off the gate and was running top 5 for a while. He was doing his best to hold it together but the pressure was high. He would slip back to 15th by the time the checkers flew. On to the LCQ and again would struggle to get it into a qualifying position. Joan ran upfront in his Heat and gained some valuable confidence and he will carry that on to Daytona.


Cade Clason has been right on the bubble of the Main Events all year long. With a few top guys returning from injury, Cade has had his work cut out for him and it's been a roller coaster. Ryan began his Saturday in Orlando enjoying some sunshine. He hit the track and was looking fast. He would eventually qualify right near his average of 25th. When the Heat race began, Cade was doing everything he could to move forward. He was riding strong and would finish just short of the top 9. When the LCQ began, Cade once again found himself on the bubble. Cade was charging hard and making moves until suddenly, his front wheel was taken out and cade saw dirt, sky, dirt, sky, etc. Luckily, he was unharmed but his night was over.


Saturday in Orlando meant Round 8 for Supercross live but it also meant Round 1 for 250 West Coast racing and we couldn’t be happier to have Ryan Surratt back in action. He hadn’t race Supercross in two years and had very conservative goals going in. With over 60 rider entries he knew it would be tough but he was ready to get his season started strong. Ryan hit the track with his smooth effortless style and was feeling the flow quickly. He put in a time fast enough for the night show and would check that goal off the list. In Ryans Heat, he struggled off the gate but would charge forward. He would end up 15th by the finish. In the LCQ a similar story would take place. He would work his way up to 11th and just miss out on the Main.


Bubba Pauli was tired of the rain and was enjoying the sunshine on Saturday morning in Orlando. He hit the hard pack track when qualifying began and was doing his best to find traction in the slick conditions. Bubba qualified with confidence and was ready to go racing under the lights. Bubba did his best to launch off the gate when his Heat began but he found himself near the back. He was attacking each rider in front of him but only finished 18th by the time the checkers flew. The Last Chance Qualifier was unfortunately a similar situation for Bubba and his night would end there.


Ludovic Macler was happy to see the sun shining as he checked out the track from the stands on Saturday morning. He knew he had his work cut out for him with the heightened amount of entries and hit the track with one thing in mind. Ludovic found his groove and made it happen as qualified just inside the top 40. In the Heat race Ludovic spun off the gate and there wasn’t much he could do after that. In LCQ, he got a much better start and would eventually finish 11th. On to Daytona.


Scotty Wennerstrom has been looking for that extra notch all year long. His aggression has been steadily increasing and he was looking forward to Round 8 when the day began on Saturday. Scotty was just a little behind the 8 balls after the first two qualifying sessions and did his best in the third to get it done. Unfortunately, he would fall just short and his day in Orlando would be over.


Saturday in Orlando meant the first round for 250 West Coast racing in 2021 and it was great to see Addison Emory hit the track. He did his best to brush off the cobwebs but due to the increased amount of entries for the West Coast kickoff, he knew it was going to be tough. Addison looked smooth in his first few sessions but was just a little bit off the time needed to move forward. His day would end there but the much-needed experience was gained.