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Bubba Pauli was excited to finally be in some warm weather when the day began for Round 7 of Monster Energy Supercross in Orlando. After some morning showers it looked as though it could be a wet one but rain or shine, he was ready. Miraculously, when practice began the track was very rideable and Bubba took off in his usual aggressive ways. Unfortunately due to the weather, the practice was shortened so he only had two sessions to get the tricky track dialed. He did his best but would fall just short of qualifying for the night show.


Cade Clason was determined to continue his Main Event streak when his morning began on Saturday night. Rain or shine, he was ready to go. Cade took to the tacky Orlando dirt quickly and found his groove. He qualified an impressive 24th overall and would go on to the night show with confidence. With the return of multiple top guys, Cade realized it might be a little harder than the recent races. He failed to qualify out of the Heat and would go on to the LCQ. When this race began, Cade was in the middle of the pack and was doing work to move forward. Unfortunately, he would fall just short by the time the checkers flew.


Devin Simonson has been riding some highs as of late and was determined to carry it into Orlando. Devin was aggressive like always and sought out his flow quickly. Devin qualified well inside the top 20 and was ready to go racing. When the Heat race began, Devin immediately had his work cut out for him. He worked his way forward and was knocking on the door of a qualifying position but would end up just one spot short. When the gate dropped for the LCQ, Devin launched off the gate and if it wasn’t for Christian Craig, he would have easily taken the win. He would finish 2nd and go on to the Main. Devin did his usual when the final race began and would work all the way to the finish, ending up 11th on the night.


Joan Cros was excited about the sloppy conditions as the rain began to fall on Saturday morning. The European is no stranger to wet and rutty conditions and was excited to hit the track. He attacked the ruts quickly in his two qualifying sessions and would end up 26th fastest overall. This was his best qualifying position of the year and he was ready for more when the Heat race began. A bad start would force him to put his head down and he climbed all the way up to 13th by the finish. In the LCQ, unfortunately, a bad start would be the cause of an 8th place. On to Orlando 2.


Josh Greco was happy to get to some warmer weather in Orlando. The rain didn’t bother him as he thrives in the ruts and was excited to get going for the 7th round of Monster Energy Supercross. Josh took advantage of the shortened practice schedule due to the weather and attacked the wet conditions quickly. In the final practice, Josh was looking strong, he was in qualifying position when some other riders bumped him out. He knew what he had to do and went to work. His fast laps looked very good and it looked like he would be a shoo-in. Unfortunately, he would fall just short and have to call it a day early in Orlando.


Kyle Chisholm is the epitome of consistency and veteran knowledge in the sport. After the insane rainfall that came down, Kyle told us “Don’t worry the track will be perfect”. Although it seemed unlikely, Kyle has been around a long time and if there is one thing he is an expert on, it’s Florida soil. When practice began it seemed as though he was right (as always) and he was ready. He found his groove quickly and qualified just outside the top 20. Kyle went to the Heat and got a terrible start and did as much work as he could. He would go on to the LCQ where he got behind Dean Wilson and cruised it in to secure his spot in the Main. When this race began, another bad start would make his life hard and he would end up 18th on the night.