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LS2 Race Report: oakland, Ca 2 2022


Kyle Chisholm was feeling much better coming into Round 2 in Oakland this weekend. After shaking the illness he was suffering from at Anaheim, he was ready to go. Kyle looked to be back to his normal self when practice began on Saturday morning. He qualified just outside the top 20 and was ready to go racing in the bay. When the gate dropped for Kyle’s Heat, he put his head down and kept the momentum moving forward. Kyle made his way into qualifying position and held on to it all the way to the checkers. The Main Event did not go Kyle’s way as the first lap chaos caused him to be way back as the riders came around on the first lap. Nevertheless, he pushed on and did what he’s best at. He would end up 18th overall in Oakland.


Joan Cros was one of the several riders who made the first round 450 LCQ so interesting and he had his sights set on redemption and getting into that 450 Main Event when the day began in Oakland on Saturday. Joan took a liking to the track quickly and found his speed with confidence. He qualified well inside the top 30 and was ready to give it his all. His Heat race didn't quite go as planned but Joan was determined to make it happen. When his LCQ began, he got a typical good start and was in the mix early. He had a few spots to make up and he began his work. By lap 3, he made his way into 6th and could see the transfer spot just a couple riders ahead. It came down to the last lap as he went inside in the final corner to make the pass and seal the deal on his first 450 Main Event of the year. He would finish 22nd on the night.


Bubba Pauli was coming off a great showing in Anaheim the weekend before and was ready to get back to it in Oakland on Saturday night. His bike was working great when the day began and he was enjoying the soft dirt in the bay. He found his groove quickly and qualified just outside the top 30. Bubba was then plagued by bad starts and chaos which put him in the LCQ. When the gate finally dropped Bubba did his best to move forward but would fall just short. He would call it a night and turn his focus to San Diego.


Cade Clason was the talk of the industry throughout the week due to his performance at Anaheim where he demanded the Main Event qualifying spot. He was riding a high coming into Oakland and was looking to get it done again. When qualifying began, Cade found his flow early on and was feeling great in the soft northern California soil. He solidified a qualifying time just outside the top 20 but things took a turn for the worst in the last session. Cade got a little close to a tuff block in one of the rhythms which grabbed his rear brake causing him to eject violently through the air. He decided to give it a go when the Heat began but the swelling in his knee forced him to call it a night early. He will be ready to go next weekend.


Scotty Wennerstrom is a key member of the privateer force that keeps supercross alive as he continues to prove that race after race. He was ready to continue what he does best when the day began in Oakland and was excited to continue the season strong. When practice began, he felt right at home as he found some fast lines quickly. The crafty veteran solidified his qualifying time and was ready to go racing. Unfortunately, a poor start in the Heat would hold him out of qualifying contention and unfortunately a similar story would occur in the LCQ. Although he pushed his way back into the top ten, it just wasn’t quite enough to punch his ticket to the Main.


Josh Greco was happy to see two big whoop sections again in Oakland and he knew it was going to be his time to shine. He attacked them as he always did and made quick work of the track when qualifying began. He was able to punch his ticket to the night show and it was time to go racing. His poor gate pick in the Heat would be the cause of a not so great start. Nevertheless, Josh continued to grind. He pushed all the way to the checkers but was only able to climb to 14th. Greco got another so-so start in the LCQ but would be able to climb up to 14th position, that would be the end of his night in Oakland.


David Pulley was ready to go when the day started in Oakland and it showed when he was finally allowed to hit the track. He attacked the ruts and clawed his way through the soft normal dirt. David put in strong consistent laps and it would be good enough to get into the night show. When the racing began, David was plagued with the chaos that is the 250 class and was forced to go to the LCQ. When this one began, it was a similar story but he held strong and continued to push forward. He would end up just outside the top 15 and was forced to call it a night.

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