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LS2 RACE Report: OAKLAND, 2023


Josh Cartwright has been really opening some eyes so far in this 2023 Supercross season. Saturday in Oakland was no different as he was ready to show his potential once again. Riding loose and fast, Josh took to the extremely rutted track with ease. Josh got out front in all three of his sessions and was clearly on another level. He qualified a very impressive 19th fastest overall and was excited to go racing. When the gate dropped for his Heat, Josh launched off one of the outside gates and immediately tucked into the first corner. Josh was running right around the top 5 and doing everything he could to keep the hungry pack behind him. He would end up 9th and go straight to the Main. Josh unfortunately did not get the jump he was looking for when the Main began, and another mishap pushed him all the way to the back. Nevertheless he would put his Head down and end up just one spot outside the top 20 by the time the checkers flew.


Joan Cros started his Saturday off with some serious perseverance as some traveling issues made his week not so favorable. Regardless, one of Joan’s buddies was able to get his bike and gear to the stadium in Oakland and he was ready to put his best foot forward. Joan found the track to be very difficult when practice began but he developed speed quickly. By the end of the second session, Joan had secured his spot in the night show but wanted to improve upon it for gate pick improvement. Joan launched off the gate as they do a practice start in the third qualifying sessions. He was running in the top five through the first rhythm section when another rider caught one of the tricky ruts and launched himself right into the side of Joan. Joan hit the ground very hard but was luckily ok and able to get up. Unfortunately, his goggles were smashed on to his face from circumstantial physical contact with another machine and rider. Bleeding and sore, Joan was taken to the hospital for evaluation where he found out the injuries were topical and he would rest up for next week in Dallas.


Scotty Wennerstrom Has been showing some impressive aggression so far this season. His relative times continue to get faster week after week. Scotty was determined to keep it going in Oakland and was eager to hit the track. Luckily, Scotty was ready to attack the rutted track as his experience with soft dirt is extensive. He looked comfortable right away per usual and began to find his groove, literally. Scotty was putting down impressive times early on and throughout as he would nail down a time fast enough for 31st overall going into the night show. When the Heat began, Scotty was pinched off quickly going into the first corner due to his outside gate. He put his head down and began making moves. He clawed his way into 15th by the end and was ready for the next one. When the LCQ began, Scotty again got a poor start but he was hungry for more. He continued to make passes lap after lap and would eventually end his night short with a very commendable 11th place finish, just a handful of spots away from the Main.


Josh Greco also had to make arrangements to get his machine and gear all the way from Florida to northern California but he made it happen. Josh was happy to be in Oakland when the early morning program began on Saturday and he was especially excited to attack the 30 plus whoops on the massive track inside the Coliseum. Josh looked right at home when the practice sessions began. He immediately attacked the whoops per usual and was in the upper half of the running order in his qualifying group all day long. Josh would eventually qualify in one of the best positions of the year so far, 33rd fastest. When the Heats began, Josh lined up on the outside due to his gate pick position and did his best to keep it on two wheels as he battled through the chaos. Josh gave it his all but was pushed to the rear. He clawed his way back up to 18th by the checkers and would go to the LCQ with vengeance. When this one began, Josh again did not get the start he was looking for. He put his head down and began to make passes lap after lap. By the end, Josh would make it back to a very impressive 13th and with that, turn his focus to next Weekend in Texas.

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