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LS2 RACE Report: NEW JERSEY, 2023


Josh Cartwright was ready to keep his season rolling in the right direction when the day began in East Rutherford, New Jersey. With the rumblings of rain on its way, he knew it was going to be an interesting day to say the least. Prepared for anything, he rolled into the stadium with confidence as he hit the track during his first qualifier. He looked to find his speed quickly and it looked like it was going to be a smooth sailing day. Josh was doing his best to fight through the difficult rutted conditions and eventually put in a time good enough for 30th fastest, just a bit off of his usual qualifying position. Josh knew his work was cut out for him and when the Heat began, he was ready to make it happen. Josh launched off the line and funneled through the first corner running well inside the top ten. He was doing everything he could to keep his focus forward but could sense the ferocity nipping at his heels. The last few laps was a knock down drag out and Josh would unfortunately draw the short end of the stick as he would come across the line just one spot outside of qualifying position. The LCQ was unfortunately a similar story as a good start would send him on his way but the track would eventually reach up and grab him, cutting his night short. On to Nashville!


Scotty Wennerstrom has been a man possessed as of late and was looking to keep the ferocity alive when his day began in eastern New Jersey. He was excited for the change of pace that was the New York area and was looking his usual self as practice began. He patiently found his favored lines and began putting in fast laps. He knew what he had to do when he lined up for the second qualifier and showed it quickly. After cruising the first lap to see how the track had been developed throughout the day, he turned on the gas. He made minimal mistakes and turned an impressive time of 54 seconds, just a few seconds off of the fastest rider of the day. He decided to go for another one, when suddenly he found himself lying face to face with the New Jersey soil. He lost traction making the 90 degree turn and was slammed into the next roller directly on his back. He heard bones breaking as it happened and knew he had a long night ahead of him. Luckily his head was all good and a couple broken ribs was the diagnosis. After a night in the hospital, he will begin his road of recovery. Best wishes on a quick and painless recovery.


Josh Greco made the long trip to the north east and ready to tackle the deceivingly tricky New Jersey soil. Josh knew this track would favor him as the whoops were going to be a key part of the day. Josh circulated patiently at first and then turned on the gas as he began to find the fast lines. He managed to calculate the fastest route around the track and in the final qualifying session, he was ready to execute. The track had been re prepped but by the time his qualifier saw it, it had broken down once again. He did everything he could to find smooth lines and would eventually post a time just outside the top 35. When his Heat began, Josh did not get the jump he was looking for and lots of first turn carnage made it even worse. He found himself way in the back and did everything he could to regroup and move forward. He would head to the LCQ, knowing he had his work cut out for him. When this one began, he did everything he could to get a good jump from the outside. He was near the back of the pack as they circulated the first lap and then began his work. He passed a handful of riders and was moving forward in 15th position, when the tricky track proved otherwise once again. He was forced to shuffle backwards once again and call it a night in New Jersey.

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