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LS2 RACE Report: NASHVILLE, 2023


Josh Cartwright was ready to show what he was made of when his day began inside Nissan Stadium. He was all about the Nashville experience and was ready to show what he was made of. When practice began, his speed followed quickly as he found his way around the slick track. With conditions declining quickly, Josh knew it would take everything he had as he threw down a lap good enough for a very impressive 15th overall. Going into the Heat race, Josh knew he had a fighting chance to qualify straight to the Main Event and he did everything he could to stay inside the top nine as the riders made their way down the start straight. Josh found himself in a qualifying position. As the green flag waved and was eager to maintain it. The rest of the race was quiet until the very last corner where Josh was feeling the pressure of the rider behind him. Josh used his experience to slow down to create a block but a slight mistake would keep him just a few inches outside of qualifying position as they crossed the finish line. Josh lined up beside fellow Kawasaki rider, Jason Anderson for the LCQ and knew all he had to do was tuck in right behind him. When the gate dropped, he did exactly that and maintained a top four position all the way to the checkers. In the main, Josh knew it would be all about survival as he executed.


Josh Greco knew an opportunity was lying right at his feet when the day began in Nashville as many other riders were falling off the entry list due to injury. He was excited to see the very difficult whoop section when practice began and showed his cards early as he attacked the fast lines. His speed was exceptional and he would eventually put in a time good enough for a very commendable 28th fastest. In the Heat, Josh didn't quite get the jump he was looking for but did everything he could to move forward. A mishap due to the slick track would push him back early on and he would shift his focus to the next one. When the LCQ finally began, Josh launched off the gate and had a decent placement going into the first corner. He did everything he could to move forward but the one-lined track would prove unfavorable as he just couldn’t find the lines to make as many passes as he was capable of. He would eventually make it up to 16th position and fall just short of qualifying position, ending his day early in Nashville. On to Denver!


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