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LS2 Race Report: Minneapolis, MN 7 2022


Like a fine wine, Kyle Chisholm continues to get better with age. He digs deep and keeps his trend of improvement steady week after week. Saturday in Minnesota was no different for Kyle. He said he had been working on some different training methods to improve his intensity and it was plain to see it was working. Kyle qualified a solid 18th overall and was ready to get the racing started. When the gate dropped for the Heat, Kyle launched out and was riding like a man possessed. He was turning laps much faster than he had done all day and battling hard with the premier championship contenders. He would end up a very impressive 7th and go on to the Main with confidence. He would continue to use his new found sprint speed in the Main and end up a solid 15th overall on the night.


Cade Clason has been showing some serious heart and passion as of late and he continued to so as the day began in Minnesota. His aggression and consistency in practice continues to improve session after session and it was no different inside US Bank Stadium. Cade qualified inside the top 20 and was ready to have a good night. In the Heat race, Cade did exactly what he needed to do as he kept his head down and continued to charge the entire race. By the end he had punched his ticket to the main and was ready to keep the ball rolling. When the Main Event began, Cade was swallowed up pretty quickly in the start due to gate pick but he was focused forward. He would end up a solid 18th overall in Minneapolis.


Joan Cros has been steadily making improvements on and off the bike this season. Slowly but surely, the bike is getting better for him and with that, the confidence gets better as well. His speed was instant as the practice sessions began in the frozen tundra of downtown Minneapolis as he put his new found confidence to work. Joan charged the entire practice sessions and it was easy to see this helped him continue to find new lines and ways through the challenging track. He would qualify in a very strong top 30 position and was excited to go racing. When the gate dropped for his Heat, he was pinched off quickly in the first turn but continued his charge. He would climb back to 14th by the checkers. In the LCQ, he jumped off to a typically great start and was knocking on the door of a qualifying position. There was lots of yo-yoing going on in front of him and he was doing his best to charge forward but maintain safety as well. He would unfortunately fall just short of qualifying position by the time the checkered flag flew.


The alpha over at Madd Parts Kawasaki is none other than Bubba Pauli and his season is going better than expected so far this season. His speed continues to improve and his overall intensity continues to grow as well. When practice began, Bubba was enjoying the technical track as he found his groove quickly. He would qualify just behind his teammate, Joan and was ready to get the race day started. Bubba would unfortunately get a bad jump off the gate when the Heat race began but would use the experience in the back of the pack to get ready for the dreaded LCQ. He created a plan and was ready to execute. Again he followed his teammate into the first turn when the LCQ began and was doing his best to climb forward. He would do everything he could but would fall just a few spots out of the position he needed by the finish.


Josh Cartwright had been waiting for this moment all year long and the day had finally come. The kickoff of 250 East coast racing marked Josh’s 2nd race of the year following a warm up race he did to dust the cobwebs off where he competed in the premier division. All the work had been done and he was ready to mix it up with the stacked 250 east division. When practice began, Josh immediately looked comfortable as he topped his group of qualifying in all three sessions. He would go into the Heat with a very impressive 8th gate pick. As the bikes were rolling into staging, suddenly there was an issue with Josh's machine. Due to the freezing temperatures outside the stadium, Josh’s motorcycle did not want to start. They tried everything they could but would eventually have to call it quits as the other 19 riders took off down the start straight without him. A heartbreaking moment for Josh after such an impressive qualifying effort but he will take the confidence into next week in Texas and get it done.