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LS2 Race Report: Indianapolis, In 11 2022


Josh Cartwright has been struggling to show the people his true potential. Bad luck, crashes, and all around strange occurrences have left him scratching his head despite his incredible speed. Josh was determined to turn that around when the day started in Indianapolis. Josh looked good right away in the soft soils and was ready to do work. He would qualify in and was ready to go racing. When the Heat race began, Josh launched into a mid pack position and was riding hard to move forward. Aggression was running through his bones as he latched on the pack ahead of him. He was in qualifying position until a mishap sent him way back. In the LCQ, Josh was the man to beat but a bad start would force him to put his head down. He came all the way back to 6th and just barely missed out on the Main. There is no doubt he is destined for a good finish in the coming weeks.


Brock Papi has been looking for another great finish ever since his top 15 in Daytona. Crashes have truly kept him from reaching his true potential. Brock was ready for action when the morning sessions began in Indy. He was looking solid right away as he attacked the ruts. Brock quickly found his groove and was ready to go racing. When his Heat began, Brock was looking strong. He was moving through the pack quickly and continued to charge. Suddenly the ruts reached up and grabbed him as he went end over end through the whoops. Unfortunately great reward only comes from great risk and just like that, a broken collarbone. We will see him in 4 to 6 weeks.


Cade Clason has been on a mission as of late. All week he rode the high of a top ten 450 main event finish and was determined to get it done again in Indy. His day started strong but quickly turned as Cade learned patience the hard way. The tricky soil drug him to the ground but he learned his lesson quickly. He regained his composure quickly and put in a time good enough for 15th fastest. When the Heat began, Cade got a fantastic jump and rode contently into qualifying position. He would stick to the plan and do what needed to be done to put it into the show. In the Main he was determined to keep it on two wheels through the deep and nasty ruts. He would make his way into 12th and keep it steady. With nobody challenging him from behind, he was able to choose the smooth lines and coast to a very impressive 12th overall in Indy.


The hole shot specialist, Joan Cros continues to make a name for himself in Monster Energy Supercross. His impressive efforts this season have been really starting to put him on the map and he continues to prove why. When the day began, Joan quickly figured out the tricky track and was doing everything he could to put in some clean laps. By the end of qualifying, Joan had clocked a time of 22nd fastest overall and was very confident to get to the racing. When the gate dropped for his Heat, Joan launched out to a decent start but was pushed back quickly. He made his way up to 10th and was holding strong. Unfortunately, he would just miss out on the qualifying spot and head to the infamous LCQ. When this one began, Joan pulled the hole shot in typical fashion and was looking strong. He would eventually get shuffled back to 3rd by the checkered flag and was ready to put in another strong finish. When the Main Event finally began, Joan got out to a great start, but the difficult track would show him who was boss. He would eventually end up a very commendable 18th overall on the night.