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LS2 Race Report: INDIANAPOLIS 3 2021


Briella Hollister knew it was her time to shine when the news was out that she would be racing the KTM Junior Supercross Challenge at Round 6 of Monster Energy Supercross in Indianapolis. When practice began on Saturday, Briella found her groove quickly on the KTM e-bike. She kept her head down and put down steady laps and kept it on two wheels. When the race began, she launched off the gate and was off and running in front of the packed crowd. She could hear them roar as she made lap after lap to finish strong for LS2.


Bubba Pauli has been on another level as of late and the final round of the triple header in Indy was no different. He was taking his aggression out early on the rutted Indy soil and solidified a solid qualifying time. In his Heat race, Bubba was looking very strong. He did his best to work through the field but ended up a respectable 13th. In the LCQ, he knew it was his time to shine. He launched off the gate side by side with his teammate and locked down a qualifying position early. He was looking very strong but on the last lap would make a mistake and fall just outside of the spot needed to move on.


Cade Clason was more motivated than ever when the day began on Saturday after coming off a great race the Tuesday before. He hit the track with confidence and put in a very impressive time that put him just outside the top 20 going into the races. When his Heat began he was determined coming off the line. He was doing all he could to maintain top 9, but would fall just one spot short by the checkered flag. Next up, the LCQ, and Cade was ready. He launched off the gate and was inside the top 4 quickly he continued to move forward and after battling with Brayton, he would end up 2nd, putting him into his 2nd main event in a row. He would finish 21st overall on the night.