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LS2 Race Report: INDIANAPOLIS 3 2021


Briella Hollister knew it was her time to shine when the news was out that she would be racing the KTM Junior Supercross Challenge at Round 6 of Monster Energy Supercross in Indianapolis. When practice began on Saturday, Briella found her groove quickly on the KTM e-bike. She kept her head down and put down steady laps and kept it on two wheels. When the race began, she launched off the gate and was off and running in front of the packed crowd. She could hear them roar as she made lap after lap to finish strong for LS2.


Bubba Pauli has been on another level as of late and the final round of the triple header in Indy was no different. He was taking his aggression out early on the rutted Indy soil and solidified a solid qualifying time. In his Heat race, Bubba was looking very strong. He did his best to work through the field but ended up a respectable 13th. In the LCQ, he knew it was his time to shine. He launched off the gate side by side with his teammate and locked down a qualifying position early. He was looking very strong but on the last lap would make a mistake and fall just outside of the spot needed to move on.


Cade Clason was more motivated than ever when the day began on Saturday after coming off a great race the Tuesday before. He hit the track with confidence and put in a very impressive time that put him just outside the top 20 going into the races. When his Heat began he was determined coming off the line. He was doing all he could to maintain top 9, but would fall just one spot short by the checkered flag. Next up, the LCQ, and Cade was ready. He launched off the gate and was inside the top 4 quickly he continued to move forward and after battling with Brayton, he would end up 2nd, putting him into his 2nd main event in a row. He would finish 21st overall on the night.


Devin Simonson has been improving faster than his lap times on the track. He has improved nearly every round and was determined to continue the trend in Indy on Saturday night. Devin hit the track, found his groove right away and put in some blistering times good enough for 13th fastest in the 250sx class. When the Heat began, Devin got a tremendous start and settled into 3rd place immediately. He continued to push and held on to the fantastic ride as he would have 6th gate pick for the Main Event. When the final race started, Devin continued to do what he does best. He immediately secured a top ten spot and would hold to finish a career best 8th position overall.


Joan Cros has been on the up and up since the series began. He feels good in the soft midwest soil and continued to prove that was true as practice began on Saturday. Joan put in a qualifying time just outside the top 30 and would go to the Heat race with confidence. When the gate dropped, Joan got a great jump and did his best to fight for a qualifying position. He would eventually fall just short and line up for the LCQ. Joan launched off the gate per usual in this race and led 4 other LS2 athletes as the laps clicked off. Eventually he would finish just two spots out of qualifying position.


Josh Greco has been building speed and endurance and it continued to show in Indy. He was able to charge through the practices and qualify for the night show with ease. When his Heat began, Josh didn’t get the start he was looking for but continued to push forward. He would go on to the LCQ. When this race began, Josh again didn’t get the best jump but continued to push for the entire race. He would eventually finish up 15th and gain some solid confidence.


Kyle Chisholm was real to go when the day began in Indy. The meticulous rider had the track studied and dialed before he even swung a leg over the bike and when practice began, it showed. Kyle was smooth as always when the day began for Round 6. He put his laps in early and secured a top 20 time going into the races. When the Heat began, Kyle was looking strong until a nasty crash in the whoops stopped his charge quickly. He was able to remount and regroup for the LCQ. When this began, he did not get the jump he wanted and had his work cut out for him. He charged through the pack and finally made his way into qualifying position and would go on to finish 17th in the Main.


Kyle DIllin continued his 2021 season strong in Indy on Saturday. He hit the track with confidence and found his groove quickly. He was looking aggressive and put in a qualifying time just outside the top 30. Kyle got a decent jump off the gate when his Heat race began and did his best to move forward. He would fall short and would head on to the LCQ. When this race began, Kyle did his best to get off the start but the pack of angry bees engulfed him quickly. He did his best to move forward and would eventually finish up 15th.


Ludovic Macler was ready to go when the day began for Round 6 of Monster Energy Supercross. He took a liking to the rutted soil quickly and was looking smooth. He qualified inside the top 35 and was ready to go racing. When the Heat started for Ludovic, he got off to a decent jump and found himself in the middle of the pack. He shuffled backwards a bit but would hold on to 15th place. When the LCQ began, Ludovic got a mudpack start and again was battling with guys left and right. He did his best to move forward but would eventually finish up 10th in the last chance qualifier.


Luke Neese has continued to climb the rankings amongst the fastest Supercross racers in the world. Luke was ready to show he has what it takes to continue to be in Main Events when the day began on Saturday. He started the day off just a little bit slow as he tends to do because Luke is a different animal when the gate drops. When his Heat began, Luke set out to prove just that. He got into qualifying position early and continued to push hard all the way to the checkers. He would head straight to the Main. When the show down finally began, Luke launched off the gate and was immediately battling for a top ten position. As chaos ensued in front of him, he dodged it effortlessly and continued to focus on his race. By the time the checkers flew, Luke had secured 10th place overall in the 250 class in Indy.


Scotty Wennerstrom continued to do what he does best when the qualifying program started on Saturday. Scotty was looking a bit more aggressive than usual and it showed quickly. His lap times were consistent and he easily qualified for the night show. Unfortunately, Scotty did not get the start he wanted in the Heat race and would only make it back up to 18th position by the finish line. When the LCQ began for him he again spun off the grate and found himself towards the tail end of the pack. Nevertheless, Scotty continued to push forward and would pick off a few more guys putting him 14th by the finish.

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