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Updated: Apr 23


Scotty Wennerstrom was excited for another challenging and technical track when the day began. Indianapolis is always a little bit different then the rest around because the riders know its going to be soft and challenging and Scotty was ready. He came out firing when his first session began and immediately put himself up on the board. His very first lap would end up being the fastest of his session due to a deteriorating track but he knew he had a little more work to do to lock himself in due to the Triple Crown format being used in Indy. When his next session began, Scotty realized he was not dealt the best hand as the track was absolutely treacherous. Regardless, Scotty managed to turn a pretty impressive lap time about half way through and was sitting top five in his division. Unfortunately due to the triple crown format of only the top 18 going through to the night show, Scotty would come up just short but it was all in all a great day for him. 


Josh Greco was excited for Indy as it was close to his hometown. He had some extra motivation when the day began and was ready to attack the Indy ruts. When practice began, Josh immediately jumped to the top of the board in his session and was looking spicy. He was not intimidated by the ruts and it showed as he turned the two fastest laps of his group. Josh was looking good going into the second session and was looking to do a repeat performance. When it began, he did exactly that, as he attacked the ruts and jumped straight to the top. Josh would solidify himself into the fast 40 but due to the Triple crown format, would be sent to the LCQ. Unfortunately when this race began, Josh was forced to the rear as they rounded the first corner and that was the tale of the tape as his night was over. On to the next one!


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