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Josh Cartwright came into Indiana with an abundance of confidence on Saturday morning. Josh has been really making a name for himself on and off the track and he was determined that Indy was going to be no different. He took no time at all to find his speed when practice began and it was looking to be another great day for Josh. He qualified inside the top twenty five and was happy to see the track in much better shape when he rolled up for the Heat race. When the gate dropped, Josh got a great jump and put himself in the upper half of the running order as the green flag waved. Josh was now in qualifying position and stayed smart as he cruised to the checkers. In the Main, Josh did not get the jump he was looking for off the line but he knew the key tonight was going to be staying upright. He continued to circulate and use smart lines. He would climb all the way up to 19th overall on the night and was happy to leave the treacherous track safely.


Joan Cros has really found something the last couple weeks and he was ready to continue the track of improvement when the day began inside Colts Stadium. Joan grew accustomed to the deep ruts quickly as he navigated them with great balance and intensity. He was looking faster and faster with each session and would eventually qualify an impressive 26th fastest. When the Heat began, Joan was victim to the track conditions as he was shuffled back quickly. He used the laps to learn the track even more and would line up to the LCQ with confidence. When the gate dropped, Joan launched off the grate with confidence. He found himself inside the top three and kept his focus on putting in consistent laps. His strategy would pay off as he crossed the finish line in qualifying position, punching his ticket to the Main. When this race began, it was pure survival. He kept the bike on two wheels as best he could and would end up with 21st overall on the night.


Scotty Wennerstrom was excited to get the day started when the program began for the 9th round of the 2023 Supercross season. He had been feeling great the past couple weeks and was ready to carry the confidence to the track. He did just that as qualifying began and was up on the board early on. His speed continued to improve lap after lap and session after session. He would eventually add his name to the fast qualifying times, landing himself in 34th position. Scotty was ready to go racing under the lights of Colts stadium, and when the gate dropped for his Heat, Scotty launched off the line. Unfortunately, the track did him no favors as he found himself bringing up the rear of the pack. He kept it steady all the way to the checkers and was ready to regroup for the next one. When the LCQ began, Scotty got a little bit better start and set his sights forward. Scotty got by multiple riders by the end but would fall just short by the time the checkers flew.


Josh Greco continues to ride the roller coaster that is his 2023 supercross season. Whether it's travel issues, illness, etc., he’s seen it all this year. Indiana was unfortunately no different as he began the day battling another illness. Determined as always, he hit the track and navigated the tricky ruts of Indy. He found the grooves he liked quickly and began to put in some steady fast laps. He would qualify right around 35th despite the illness and was ready to see what he could do under the lights. An outside gate would force him to the rear of the pack in the Heat but he used the laps to learn. In the LCQ, he would again get an unfavorable start. Nevertheless, he would push all the way to the checkers, passing nearly one rider every lap but would fall just short of qualifying position.

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