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Josh Cartwright came into Indiana with an abundance of confidence on Saturday morning. Josh has been really making a name for himself on and off the track and he was determined that Indy was going to be no different. He took no time at all to find his speed when practice began and it was looking to be another great day for Josh. He qualified inside the top twenty five and was happy to see the track in much better shape when he rolled up for the Heat race. When the gate dropped, Josh got a great jump and put himself in the upper half of the running order as the green flag waved. Josh was now in qualifying position and stayed smart as he cruised to the checkers. In the Main, Josh did not get the jump he was looking for off the line but he knew the key tonight was going to be staying upright. He continued to circulate and use smart lines. He would climb all the way up to 19th overall on the night and was happy to leave the treacherous track safely.