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Joan Cros had a fantastic day in Indianapolis at Round 5 of Monster Energy Supercross.

He adapted to the Indy dirt quickly and was looking smooth and confident. He qualified just outside the top 30 and was ready for gate drop. When the Heat began, Joan didn’t quite get the jump he needed to contend for a qualifying position but charged forward the best he could. When the LCQ began, Joan launched out of the gate in typical fashion, tucked to the inside of the first corner and settled in right behind his teammate well inside the top 4. Joan fought as hard as he could but would fall just a few spots short by the checkers.


Bubba Pauli was looking confident when practice began on Tuesday. He got used to the dirt quickly as it is similar to what he rides at home just one state away. Bubba put in some fast laps and was ready to go racing. He looked strong in his Heat race but would fall below qualifying position. When the LCQ began, Bubba launched off the gate and was neck and neck for the lead down the first rhythm section. He settled into 2nd place quickly and was putting down some heaters. He was running lap times two full seconds faster than he had put down all day. Unfortunately he would get passed on the last lap and barely miss out on qualifying position.


Ludovic Macler was loving the soft Indiana soil inside of Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday. He was putting down very impressive lap times and qualified well inside the top 30. Ludovic was ready to do work when it was time to go racing and put the pedal down when the gate dropped for his Heat. He was doing battle in the middle of the pack doing his best to work forward. He would end up 14th. In the LCQ, he didn’t get the jump he was looking for and would end up 12th.


Luke Neese was on a mission when qualifying began in Indy on Tuesday. He adapted to the soft dirt quickly and qualified inside the top 15. He was on his way to another successful night and when the Heat began he was ready to ensure that. Luke battled his way into qualifying position and took a very impressive 8th pace. When the Main began, so did the chaos. Luke did his best to move forward and would end up 17th overall on the night.


Cade Clason has gone 1,375 day since qualifying for a Main Event and he was looking eager to change that when the day began for Indy 2. Cade found comfort quickly and posted a qualifying time just inside the top 25. When the Heat bagel it was looking like the streak could finally be broken but was shuffled back just outside of qualifying position by the checkers. When he lined up for the LCQ he was determined to make something happen. When the gate dropped, Cade found himself about midpack and began his work. He started to pass guys left and right and was knocking on the door of qualifying position by the midpoint. Cade made the pass into 4th and held strong to the finish, giving his poor Kawasaki all it could handle with celebration revs. He would finish 21st overall on the night.


Devin Simonson looked to continue his success as practice started on a cold Tuesday morning in Indy. He warmed up quickly as he qualified just outside the top 25. When his Heat began, He rocketed out of the gate and found himself well inside qualifying position early. He continued to put down laps and was looking very strong. Suddenly, with 3 minutes left on the clock, Devin’s bike decided it would call it quits for the night and forced Devin to withdraw from Tuesday night's racing.


Josh Greco continued to enjoy his time in Indy as practice began inside Lucas Oil Stadium. He wound the fast lines quickly and was soaring through the stadium with ease. He put in a lap time good enough to go on the show and would line up for his Heat. Josh did his best to move forward when this race began and would eventually be forced to go to the last chance qualifier. Here, he made some impressive moves and fought hard to the end with consistent smooth laps. He would finish the LCQ in 15th.


Kyle Chisholm was looking especially fast as qualifying began for him in Indy. He took a liking to the track’s multiple lines and was putting down some solid laps early on. Kyle qualified just outside the top 20 and knew it was his night to shine. When his Heat race began Kyle was eagerly doing his best to avoid the dreaded LCQ. He made moves early and was able to secure a qualifying position by the time the checkers flew. Due to a bad start, he had his work cut out for him when the Main Event began. Kyle did his best to avoid the chaos and move forward and would eventually end up a respectable 15th overall on the night.


Kyle Dillin was happy to begin his day on the fresh track inside Lucas Oil Stadium when practice began on Tuesday. The New York native took a liking to the track quickly and began to find his lines. His bike looked to be working well and he put down a strong qualifying time. When the racing began for Kyle, he took off from the gate and was looking solid. He continued to ride his own race and would finish up a commendable 16th in his Heat. The LCQ went similar for him as he worked through the pack as much as he could but would have to settle for 14th.


Scotty Wennerstrom has been a sight to see this Supercross season in his notoriously painted black and gold subverter. Scotty has been doing his best to transfer his physical appearance into positive results and was again ready to do just that as practice began on Tuesday. Scotty was looking solid and eventually put in a lap time good enough to get him into the show. When the Heat began for Scotty, he launched off the gate and worked hard to move forward. He would eventually finish up a very respectable 14th in his Heat. When the LCQ began, a bad start would be the culprit to an 18th place finish. On to round 6.

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