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LS2 Race Report: INDIANAPOLIS 1 2021


Bubba Pauli was excited to go racing near his home state of Missouri when the day began in Indianapolis on Saturday. He was feeling good in his native soil and it was easy to see his confidence transfer to the track. Bubba qualified for the night program easily but unfortunately had a wild crash where he was forced to bail off the motorcycle. Luckily, he was okay, just a bit sore. He would line up to the gate for his Heat and do what he could to cap the night off with dignity.


Cade Clason was looking very motivated when practice began inside Lucas Oil Stadium. After just missing out on the Main Event from last weekend, it was easy to tell he was hungry for more. Cade looked good all day and qualified just outside the top 25. He Went into the Heat race with confidence and it showed when the gate dropped. He fought for a qualifying position but would fall just short. Once again he found himself in the LCQ fighting for a transfer position but for the second week in a row, he would get passed on the last lap and his night would be cut short.


Devin Simonson has been turning some heads so far in his rookie season of Monster Energy Supercross. For round 4 in Indy, it was no different as his confidence and speed seemed to continue to progress. Devin slayed down some serious lap times in the first few qualifying practices and that would be good enough for 12th fastest overall in the 250 sx class. Devin continued to charge forward when the gate dropped for his Heat. He would find himself in qualifying position and have no problem punching his ticket to the Main Event. Devin would cap off his night with a career best 14th in Indy.


Joan Cros was up to his usual tactics in Indy. Being close to his training grounds, he was comfortable right away with the soft dirt of Indiana. He had no problem jumping out into the front of the pack in his practices and put down a lap time good enough for 32nd fastest. When the races began, Joan got a decent start in his Heat and would hold on to a respectable 14th. When the LCQ began, he was doing his best to fight for a transfer position but unfortunately would be handed the short end of the stick as another rider made contact and forced his night to end short.


Josh Greco was happy to be in his home state on Saturday night as he was set to do battle at Round 4 of Monster Energy Supercross. Josh was comfortable with the rutty conditions early on and took no time to begin charging the track. Josh put in a lap time good enough to get into the night show and was ready to go racing. When his Heat began Josh unfortunately had a run in with another rider which in turn caused a break in his subframe. His night was over.


Kyle Chisholm has had a very impressive season so far in 2021 and was ready to continue it on Saturday night in Indianapolis. Chiz was aggressive as soon as the day started and was laying down solid lap times. He would launch off the gate to a fantastic start in his Heat which put him right in the middle of the qualifying pack. He would charge all the way to the finish, punching his ticket directly to the Main Event. When the gate finally dropped for this, Kyle did not get the start he was looking for and knew he had his work cut out for him. A couple mistakes and the challenging track conditions would send him home with 20th overall on the night.


It was great to see the return of Kyle Dillin to Supercross this past Saturday night in Indy. Kyle hadn’t raced in a long time due to the restrictions and was very happy to be back inside a stadium. Kyle was looking strong as qualifying began. He was able to find his rhythm on the tricky track and would put in a lap time good enough to get into the show. Kyle would launch off the gate in the start to his Heat race and find himself right in the middle of the pack. Unfortunately he would slip back to just outside the top 15. In the LCQ, it was nearly the same story but he would gain some great experience and look on to Round 5.


Ludovic Macler continued his quest to the premier class Main Event in Indy on Saturday. His efforts have been close but he still has not reached exactly where he wants to be. When qualifying began he seemed to set into a comfortable pace quickly. The soft soil sooted his European roots as he qualified well inside the top 35. Ludovic pushed hard in his Heat race but would ball back to 15th by the time the checkered flag waved. He would line up for the final qualifier hoping this could be the night. Unfortunately, a bad start would be the culprit of taking a 10th place finish in the Last Chance Qualifier.


Luke Neese has been on a tear so far in 2021 Supercross and it didn’t change when his day began in Indy. Luke found his flow in the soft Indiana soil quickly as he put in a very impressive qualifying time of 23rd fastest. Luke was beginning to feel some issues with the bike as the night went on and ultimately it would be the determining factor to his night being cut short.


Scotty Wennerstrom was ready to go when the day began in Indy. He was doing his best to adapt to the insane conditions of the midwest soil and was able to find his groove. He put in a top 40 time and was ready to race under the lights for the first time in 2021. Scotty put in a great ride in his Heat but would head to the LCQ. When this race took off, Scotty launched off the very inside gate and was almost immediately hit by another rider. The two riders tangled and found themselves going end over end on the start straight. Scotty got up, regained his composure and finished the race.


Cason Simpson made his Supercross debut on Saturday night in the KTM Junior Supercross Challenge. His all white subverter was easy for the crowd to pick out and he was showing it the fast way around the track. Casen adapted quickly to the electric KTM and made his way around the challenging track. The crowd cheered him on as he charged through the ruts like the pros. There is no better feeling than doing what you love in front of thousands of fans and Cason was able to go home brag to his friends who saw him crushing it on TV inside Lucas Oil Stadium.

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