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LS2 Race Report: Houston 3 2021


When the sun rose for the final race in Houston for Round 3 of Monster Energy Supercross, Bubba Pauli knew what he had to do. He was determined to find his flow quickly and he did exactly that as the bikes hit the track for the first session. Unfortunately, he hit the deck soon after but motored on to make it into the show. Bubba’s luck did not improve throughout the night as he fell just short in the Heat and another mishap in the LCQ would keep him from going to the Main.


Cade Clason was gleaming with determination as the day started in Houston for the final round of the residency. He quickly found his groove and qualified well inside the top 30 for the show. Cade put himself right in the mis as the Heat race started but fell just a few spots short of the Main. When the LCQ began you could see Cade had one thing on his mind. He launched off the gate and held qualifying position all the way down to the last lap. It was all but over with when a rider came inside of Cade on the very last corner and took his Main Event chances away.


Devin Simonson has been riding a wave of rookie season confidence ever since the series began a week ago. Devin continued his consistent ways as he charged through the perfect Texas soil when qualifying began. He put in a time just outside the top 25 and was ready to go racing. When the gate dropped for the Heat, Devin catapulted right into the mix of the pack, he was putting down impressive laps but would finish just two spots outside of qualifying position. Unfortunately a mishap in the LCQ would end his night short.


Joan Cros continued to do Joan Cros things when the day started in Houston. He was launching to the front of the pack in his qualifying sessions and punishing the Texas dirt. Joan got himself into the show and was ready to go racing. When the gate dropped for the Heat, he did his best to continue his usual ways but was pushed back quickly. He would finish up 15th and head to the LCQ with vengeance. When the gate finally dropped for him, he did his best to get it into qualifying position but would fall just short, ending his night.