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LS2 RACE Report: Houston, 2023


Josh Cartwright was ready to keep his momentum moving forward when the day began in Houston. His recent success has been a clear result of his hard work and he was looking forward to jumping in with the big boys once again when qualifying began. Living in Texas now, Cartwright felt right at home when he hit the tacky Houston dirt. Riding on rails, Josh found his groove quickly and ended up just inside the top 25 in lap times. With a stacked gate in his Heat, Josh knew he had his work cut out for him. Josh did not get the jump he was looking for off the line but nevertheless, he put his head down and got to work. He did his best but was only able to make it to 11th by the checkers. All it takes is a great start and that's exactly what Josh did when the gate dropped for the LCQ. He put himself out front right away and kept all his focus forward. He cruised to the checkered flag with a fist pump and live tv interview and was ready for the Main. With consistency and determination Josh Cartwright did his best in the Main Event but was interrupted quickly with a red flag that stopped everyone's momentum. By the time they got going again, the track was proving to be more and more difficult but Josh would end his night with another top 20 finish.


Joan Cros was ready to continue working back to his 2022 self when practice began inside NRg stadium in Houston. His potential continues to grow as does his speed and he found his groove quickly when practice began. The tacky Texas dirt gave him all the traction he needed as he railed around the corners. He would eventually qualify just outside the top 35 and knew he had his work cut out for him. In the Heat, a poor gate pick would be the culprit to an equal start and he did everything he could to move forward. He would end up 16th and head to the LCQ with vengeance. When this one started, Joan got a typical fantastic jump and was one of the first to the corner. Unfortunately, he was in an outside position due to gate pick and was pushed wide. He got back on track quickly and was inside the top ten. He began to make some moves forward but would just simply run out of time, eventually finishing 7th and ending his night prematurely.


Scotty Wennerstrom was all smiles when Supercross came to his home state of Texas as his family was in attendance and he was ready to attack the dirt he was so used to. When practice began, Scotty was feeling the flow early as he looked loose and fast. His lap times for looking solid all day and he easily qualified into the night show on his home soil. Scotty's Heat did not start off the way he wanted as he was shuffled to the very back quickly. Determined to put on a show in front of the home state crowd, Scotty got to work and began moving forward. He made up a handful of positions but would fall just short of qualifying position. In the LCQ, Scotty did everything he could to get off the line ahead of the rest but his outside gate pick caused this to be harder said than done. Nonetheless, Scotty was on fire as he navigated the perfect ruts carved into the Houston soil. A Couple mistakes would end his night early and he would put his focus towards the next one.


Josh Greco was excited for the East coast swing to begin in Texas as he was lining up in the 450 Class. Josh has been served many challenging situations so far this season and unfortunately Saturday in Houston was no different. A little mishap working on the bike drew some forehead blood early on for Josh but he continued to push through like he knows best. Practice began smoothly for him as he tamed the man-eating whoops early on and was looking solid. He was posting solid times early on and was and was ready to push the limits when the final qualifying position began. He did his best to keep the speed up to par but would eventually be pushed out by just 2 spots at the end of qualifying. the stacked premier class proved to be difficult for Josh in Houston but there is no doubt he will heal up and give it his all next weekend.

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