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LS2 Race Report: Houston 2 2021


Bubba Pauli’s day in Houston on Tuesday started out a bit unusual. With some crazy lines and wild rides, Bubba was able to put it all together when the pressure was on and lined up for his 450 Heat in confidence. Bubba did his best when the gate dropped but a poor start would be the main cause to be forced on to the Last chance qualifier. When the LCQ began, he launched off the gate with his fellow teammate, Joan Cros, and would slip into a position inside the top ten. He would battle his way to 8th but unfortunately time ran out. Overall a great night for the 282 machine.


Cade Clason started off his night with the lingering confidence of the race three days prior. Cade knew he had the speed to achieve his goals and was ready to execute. He hit the track on Tuesday afternoon and found his flow quickly. He qualified just outside the top 20 and was ready to get under the lights. When the gate fell for his heat, Cade was determined to battle his way into qualifying position. He worked his way all the way up to 11th but unfortunately would run out of time to move up the two more spots needed to get into the Main Event. Unfortunately a technical issue would keep him from qualifying for the Main Event but look for Cade to shine this Saturday.


Devin Simonson was ready to prove that he was ready to run with the big dogs on Tuesday night. His flashes of brilliance continued to shine as he let loose in the first practice session. Devin was able to qualify in a top twenty five position and was ready for the gate to drop in front of the Houston fans. Devin finished a respectable 12th in his Heat race and knew it was his time to shine when the gate dropped for the Last chance qualifier. He launched off the gate and went on to battle it out with his teammate for the lead for nearly the full 4 laps. Devin ended up 3rd place, punching his ticket to the Main Event for the first time. He was beyond happy and will bring this momentum into Saturday night at Houston 3.


Riding the highs of leading laps from last weekend. Joan Cros was ready to back It up in Houston on Tuesday night. He hit the track with his usual confidence and was ready to fire on all cylinders when the gate finally dropped for his Heat. First turn chaos kept him from being near the front but he knew he would get another chance in the Last chance qualifier. When the gate dropped for this one, he again got a top three start and was looking like he was finally going to punch his ticket to the Main Event. Unfortunately he finished just two spots outside of qualifying position and will bring his momentum into Houston 3 in a few days.


Josh Greco came off an astounding performance at Houston 1 last Saturday and was ready. To do it again on Tuesday. Unfortunately, Josh got to feeling a little bit under the weather and was unable to find the flow he needed inside NRG stadium when qualifying began. He did his best but it would just not be enough for the challenging field he had to compete with. He got his seat time in and will be ready to go again on Saturday night for Houston 3.


Kyle Chisholm was ready to do what he does best when the day began for round two of 2021 Supercross. Kyle found his groove quickly and put in a top twenty lap time. When the gate dropped for his Heat race, he was bound and determined to get his LS2 backed Yamaha into qualifying position. Kyle worked as hard as he could and was able to nab the final qualfying spot. The gate dropped for the Main Event and Kyle took off. He found himself in the middle of the angry pack but kept on his steady path to the end. He would finish in a very impressive top 15 position on the night.


Ludovic Macler continued his quest to get into the premier class show on Tuesday night in Houston. He carried over his momentum from the first round and found his flow quickly in the Texas ruts. Ludovic punched his ticket to the races and was ready to go racing. When his Heat race took off, Ludovic was ready and put on a steady charge. He would fall just short of qualifying position. In the Last chance qualifier, a few mishaps on the challenging track would end his night shorter than he expected.


Luke Neese was feeling it when the program began inside NRG Stadium on Tuesday night. He qualified nearly top twenty in practice and it was looking like it could be his night, When the Heat race began, Luke let his confidence lead him through the pack. He continued to motor on but would fall just short of qualifying position. Luke lined up to the LCQ and you could see the sparkle in his eye. The gate dropped and so did the clutch on Luke's PRMX Kawasaki. He launched off the gate and began an intense battle with his teammate and others. Luke would find his way to the front and demand the win. He would do the TV interview and roll on to the gate for the Main. Luke motored to an incredible best career finish of 15th place.


Scotty was not completely satisfied with his performance at Houston 1 and it was easy to see as he hit the track at Round 2 on Tuesday. Scotty was showing aggression and looking very comfortable on his Kawasaki 450cc machine. He was right around the bubble during the last session and knew it was now or never. He pushed his way into qualifying position and was doing his best to keep it. Unfortunately, some fast laps from other riders would force him just short of what needed to move on. Good news is the next round is only 4 days away.

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