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LS2 Race Report: Glendale SX 2022

Updated: Feb 8, 2022


Kyle Chisholm has been on a tear as of late coming into the fifth round of Monster Energy Supercross. His speed is somehow improving week after week and he was ready to keep the ball rolling in Arizona. When practice began, Kyle took his time finding the race lines as he always does. The crafty veteran knows just how the track will develop and when it comes race time he comes alive. Kyle put in typical qualifying times as practice finished up and due to the triple crown format he was headed for the LCQ. Calmly and boldly, Kyle launched off the gate, made his way into the lead and again cruised to the win for his 3rd LCQ win in a row. Kyle did what he does best when Main Event time came as he just slowly chewed away at the guys in front of him. He would end up a very commendable 17th overall on the night.


Cade Clason has been on a steady track of improvement this season and he is really beginning to turn some heads. His finishes have been a direct reflection of his riding as his speed and more importantly, confidence are steadily building. Cade uncorked the main lines right away when practice began and used the rest of the sessions to improve his comfort. He headed to the LCQ ready to fight his way into the show. When the gate dropped, he found himself outside of qualifying position by the first corner. He remained calm as he knew he had the speed to move forward. He did just that and punched his ticket to the show. In the Main, Cade got a poor jump off the line but managed to put in 20 min plus of consistent fast laps. He would finish up 21st overall in Glendale.


Joan Cros, like his teammate, Pauli, has been a consistent force in Supercross and has continued to prove it all season. Staying on two wheels is one of his best attributes. Combine that with his fantastic starts and you're bound to find yourself getting better and better results. Joan took his time learning the track when practice began but once again had impressive speed. He easily qualified inside the top 30 and was ready to do battle in Arizona. When the gate finally dropped for his Heat race, Joan launched off the gate in typical fashion. He was pinched off quickly going into the first corner but he did his best to minimize the damage. He was just outside the top ten and would do his best to move forward, but would be forced to settle with calling it a night just a bit too early. On to A3.


Bubba Pauli just clicked off his 100th race in a row last weekend in Anaheim and he was ready to start his quest to 200 when the day began in Glendale. Bubba’s unmatched consistency and reliability as a face in the sport was recognized this week and it was a nice little confidence boost for him as well. When the practice sessions began, Bubba looked fiery as he charged the track with a purpose. His goal was to get in to the show and due to the triple crown format, they only guarantee the top 18 in qualifying times to the night show and the rest go to the dreaded LCQ. Bubba did all he could but unfortunately would come up just short and he would head to the LCQ. When this race began, he was pinched off quickly but never gave up. Bubba put in the work all the way to the end and would be forced to call it a night with dignity.


Scotty Wennerstrom continues to play many different roles in his racing efforts and he’s not scared to tackle whatever comes his way. Whether it be driving from city to city, or setting up the pit, working on the bike, Scotty has got it handled. Saturday morning in Glendale was no different for Scotty as he was gearing for Round 5 of the Supercross series. He made his way on to the track and was loving the giant floor plan of State Farm Stadium. He began to find his fast lines and was looking very smooth as he always does. As the segments came together, Scottys time showed to be enough and he would head down to the line for the 450 LCQ. Unfortunately, when the gate dropped, Scotty did not get the start he intended too and was forced to settle for a position outside of the top 4. He would channel his focus towards next weekend.


Josh Greco has been proving lots of people wrong this year as he has been competing on his 250 cc machine in the 450 cc premier division. Underpowered is a disadvantage in some ways like straight away speed, etc. but the amount of gain Josh gets out of the deal makes it worthwhile to him. Corner speed, momentum, and the nimbleness of the machine are just a couple categories where he continues to shine with the smaller displacement motorcycle. Josh knew it was going to be a tough night with the long start straight but he did his best. He found the fast lines quickly, and was enjoying blitzing through the whoops with ease. He would qualify for the fast 40 and head on to the 450 LCQ. When the gate dropped for this one, Greco was forced to start on the outside due to qualifying times and did not get the start he needed. Nevertheless, he would charge to the end and put in a respectable effort on the night.


Addison Emory has had a bad luck charm following him around ever since he had some mishaps in the Dominican Republic during a race before the Supercross season began. He has done his best to race back into shape but it has been a battle. Nevertheless, Addison is a warrior and he won’t let anything keep him down. In Glendale he was feeling strong when practice began on the giant floor of State Farm Stadium. He looked fiery as the sessions ticked off and it seemed his speed would be enough. Finally, it was determined he had made it into the fast 40 in times and would go on to line up for the 250 LCQ. When the gate dropped for this one, Addison launched off the line but it was all halted almost suddenly. A crash would cause him to put his efforts on pause but he would get up, brush himself off, and push all the way to the checkered flag. He would finish up the LCQ with dignity and look on to A3.


David Pulley has been really turning it up as of late. His speed and determination both continue to improve week in and week out and it's easy to see when David rides. When practice began in Glendale on Saturday, David continued to show his recent improvements. He looked very fast early on and was running just where he needed to be to make the show. David would show he had what it took to put it in the show as he did just that as qualifying sessions came to a close. He would line up for the LCQ and do his best to give himself a shot. When the gate dropped, David did not get the jump he was looking for. He recovered quickly and began to put in some consistent, fast laps. Suddenly a mechanic failure would be the cause of a crash in the whoops and luckily, David would come out unharmed. On to next weekend in Anaheim!

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