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Updated: Feb 26


This past Saturday marked the final west coast stop in Monster Energy Supercross for a while and Scotty Wennerstrom came into it with excitement as he was looking forward to checking it off the list. The track was long and tricky and Scotty knew right away it would be a fun day. As practice began, Scotty navigated with intensity. He was quick to figure out the complicated rhythms and began to put down fast times. When the first qualifying session began, the track was very slick due to a little bit of water that went down on the hard pack soil. He was able to put in a solid time but knew he had to step it up in the next one. When the final session began, the track had again been freshly watered as his division was the first to hit the track after intermission. This time the track was like ice and Scotty was doing his best to keep it on two wheels. Traction became better and better with each lap but he would unfortunately fall just short of landing a qualifying time. 

Josh Greco

Josh Greco was fired up when his day began in Glendale, Arizona. Unfortunately, Josh was still battling an illness even after taking last weekend off but was ready to get back in action and push through. When free practice began, Josh launched onto the track and was aggressively taking in the track. Suddenly, a brake malfunction on just the second lap sent Josh back to the mechanics area with a problem deemed unfixable until the next session. With no time to learn the track, Josh went straight into the next qualifying session. Luckily, the bike was fixed and he was ready to learn quick. He did just that as he navigated the Arizona soil and would eventually post a time good enough for 8th in his division. The second session looked promising for him as well, as he nailed down a similar time putting him 30th overall. It was time to go racing, but unfortunately a first corner mishap pushed him back quickly in the Heat. He would set his sights on the LCQ. When this one began, he was looking strong, running mid pack, when the red flag came out. Luckily, Josh narrowly avoided the chaos and headed to the gate for a restart. The second start was similar for Josh and he quickly began to move forward. He made it all the way up to 9th but couldn’t push any more due to the illness and how it was effecting his breathing. He is looking forward to healing up over the break and will come back swinging in Texas on the 24th.


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