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LS2 RACE Report: GLENDALE, 2023


Josh Cartwright was eager to get his day started when he arrived at State Farm stadium in Glendale on Saturday morning. His season has been exceeding all expectations as of late and he was ready to keep it going in that direction. Josh knew the track conditions were going to be optimum but also knew that the Arizona soil would get slippery. He found his flow early when practice began and it was looking good for Josh early on. Due to the triple crown format, Josh knew it was imperative to qualify inside the top 18 to avoid the dreaded LCQ. Unfortunately, he would come up just a couple spots short and was forced to line up. When the gate dropped for the LCQ, Josh had tunnel vision as he launched to the front immediately. He would maintain his position all the way to the finish as he secured his spot in the night show. All three of the Main Event races went a similar way for Josh as he used his experience to stay on two wheels and maintain consistency. Josh would end up a very commendable 21st on the night.


Scotty Wennerstrom has been really showing some speed as of late and he seems to have found a boost of confidence as well. Scotty was raring to go when practice began inside the warm Arizona stadium. Scotty took a liking to the hard pack soil right away and began his work. He found his groove quickly and was looking feisty per usual. He would eventually qualify just outside the top 35 and knew he had his work cut out for him if he wanted a shot to get to the Mains. When the LCQ began, Scotty did his best to get off the line clean but a poor gate pick would force him to the outside of the first corner. He began passing guys lap by lap and was doing everything he could to move forward. Unfortunately, a mishap would send him backwards in a hurry and by the time the checkered flag waved in the short race, he would come up just short of qualifying position. Nonetheless a valiant effort as always by Scotty and he would set his sights on next week.


Josh Greco was eager to make something happen when he began his day in Glendale Arizona. He knew the track would be tough but was excited to tackle the slippery hardback dirt inside State Farm Stadium. When practice began, Josh set his sights on tackling the long challenging set of whoops immediately. He quickly got the rest of the track dialed as well and was ready to lay down some fast laps. Josh would eventually qualify inside the top 35 which was pretty impressive. He would then line up to the LCQ knowing there was work to do if he wanted to get a shot at the triple crown races. Unfortunately, he did not get the start he was looking for when the gate finally dropped for this one but he knew he could make up some ground. It took him a lap to get going but then began to execute some passes. He would eventually make up many positions but would fall just short of qualifying position by the time the checkered flag flew. He would take the positives and turn his focus to Atlanta.

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