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LS2 Race Report: DETROIT, MI 10 2022


Josh Cartwright continues to show his dedication each and every week. Josh continues to be an IT professional during the week and still finds the time to be a competitive Supercross racer on Saturdays. Impressive to say the least, Josh shows he has top fifteen speed week in and week out. When the day began in Detroit, things were no different. Josh attacked the track when the qualifying sessions began and managed to qualify a very commendable 12th fastest. He lined up to the Heat race with lots of confidence and was ready to show Detroit what he was made of. When the gate dropped, Josh did his best to jump off the line ahead of his competitors. He found himself sliding into the first corner with a half of bike length on everyone else. He rounded the first turn out front and began to lead some laps. Josh was looking spicy as he tossed his green machine around and would show he belonged in the conversation. He would only shuffle back to 5th by the checkers and was looking magnificent. Unfortunately he would not have the same start in the Main but would eventually finish 17th overall on the night.


Anyone who has been paying any attention to the 2021 Supercross season knows that Cade Clason is one to be paying attention to. Proving himself in the 450 class, Cade continues to show that he belongs in the top 15-20 conversation week after week. His Saturdays have been getting better and better, and when qualifying began in Detroit, it was no different. Cade looked solid when the session began as he found the fast lines quickly. He would wind up qualifying in an impressive 17th position and was ready to go racing. When the gate finally dropped for the Heat, Cade got a mudpack start and was determined to get into the top 9. By the time the checkers fell, he had done just that as he was headed directly to the Main in Detroit. Transferring directly into the main event is something to celebrate, but little did he know, his night was going to get even better. Cade lined up for the 450 main event and was focused on putting in his laps. His inside gate gave him safe passage around the first corner and he let his instincts do the rest. Consistency and solid laps would pay off as Cade would click off a very incredible 10th overall in Detroit.


Joan Cros has had some great success so far this season but that hasn't come without some downs as well. The day in Detroit started out smooth, being in Group A qualifying where he would do his best to use the time as a learning experience. He would wind up with the 21st fastest lap time going into the racing and was looking like he belonged in the Main Event conversation. Despite a good jump in the Heat, Joan was shuffled back and forced to cross the line in 13th by the end. Joan has found much success in the LCQs this year but this LCQ in Detroit would wind up testing him. As the announcers bet on him for the holeshot, Joan, in typical fashion, did exactly that as he rounded the first corner in front and put his head down. He would shuffle back a few spots but was determined to stay in the top 4. Suddenly, his front end was taken out from under him and he briefly found himself face to face with the Detroit soil. He remounted and did everything he could but would fall just one spot short in Detroit.