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Scotty Wennerstrom was relieved to be out of mother natures path when the day began in Detroit. Although it was cold outside, the climate was controlled inside Ford Field. Scotty was ready to put his game face on when his first practice began. The track proved to be soft right away and Scotty quickly found a way to get through the Michigan ruts as quickly as possible. He would continue to improve in each session, eventually qualifying a solid 34th overall. It was time to go racing and he did his best to get off the gate clean when his Heat race began. Unfortunately, he was pushed off the track in the first corner and had lots of work ahead of him. He would make lots of passes and move forward but it wasn’t enough by the time the checkers flew. The LCQ went similarly to the Heat due to the outside gate pick Scotty was given. Nevertheless he worked through the pack and would call it a night. All in all it was a great day for Scotty and there are only 6 more days until the next one.


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