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LS2 RACE Report: DETROIT, 2023


A very eager and excited Josh Cartwright put his feet on the ground inside Ford Field with his goals in mind. Josh’s season has been nothing but exceptional and he was ready to keep it going. Josh started the day off with quick found speed which has been key to his success this year. Times were tight going into the last session and Josh knew he had more speed to show. He would post an incredible time and put his name at 15th fastest overall. In the Heat, Josh’s confidence showed as the gate dropped. He fought his way into the top 9 and was continuing to do work throughout. Josh held his own and punched his ticket to the Main. He knew the main would be about survival as always and he was prepared for battle. Josh didn’t get the best start when the gate dropped. Nevertheless, he put his head down and began his work. He kept his composure all the way to the checkers scoring him a very impressive 14th overall on the night.


Scotty Wennerstrom was ready for battle when the day started in chilly Detroit Michigan. He was ready for a change of pace that was Detroit and he was ready to show what he’s got. Practice started off great as Scotty was quick to find some speed. The track was technical and he was feeling great by the end. He would qualify top 30 and was ready to go racing in Michigan. In the Heat, Scotty jumped off to a top 15 start and was tirelessly battling with his competitors. Unfortunately, he would not make up much ground by the end and would head to the LCQ. When this one began, Scotty got an even worse start and had his work cut out for him. He began to make passes but would unfortunately just run out of time on the clock. He would call it a day and turn his focus to the next one.


Josh Greco made the long trip to Michigan and was ready to rage inside Ford Field. He was happy to get inside the stadium where it was nice and warm and start putting in some laps. When practice began, Josh immediately put his name towards the front of the list as he attacked the track. His whoop speed was exceptional as always and that was reflected in his lap times. Josh would eventually qualify 31st fastest and would go on to the night show with confidence. A bad jump off the gate would be the culprit pushing him towards the back when his Heat began. He would do his best to move forward but the track was tricky and patience was necessary. He would be forced to go to the LCQ but was ready to make it happen. Unfortunately, a similar start put him towards the back when this one began but he was determined to move forward. He was passing other riders nearly every lap and would eventually finish in 14th. On to Seattle.


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