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LS2 Race Report: Denver, CO 16 2022


Kyle Chisholm has been working hard as he transfers from class to class recently, but it's really starting to show his potential. His speed and consistency seem to continue to increase and with that, so do his results. Kyle came into Colorado thankful that the wind had slowed as the sun rose in Denver early Saturday morning. Kyle went into attack mode as practice began and was looking strong early. He put his name up on the board quickly as he got the fast lines dialed in and secured a very impressive 12th fastest finish in the short qualifying sessions. Kyle’s confidence was flowing as he launched off the line for his Heat race. Kyle fought his way into a top 5 position early on and held on all the way to the finish line. He knew he had most of the guys beat as he rolled up to the line for the Main and it was easy to see as he launched when the gate finally dropped. He came around the first corner just outside the top ten and began his work. He would do what he does best as he avoided the chaos and kept a steady pace. He would end up with a very commendable top 10 and go on to the last round with confidence.


Cade Clason was hungry for more before the day even began on Saturday morning in Denver. Practice started as the sun rose and Cade was on it right away. He found his comfort zone quickly in the slick Colorado conditions and was looking fiery. He would continue to attack the track in the two short qualifying sessions and would end up 17th fastest going into the day program. When racing began, Cade didn't get the jump he needed and had some work to do. Coming from the very back, Cade began to make his passes. By lap 7, Cade had clawed his way back to just a few spots out of qualifying position but unfortunately a mishap would end his chances. In the LCQ, he was ready to execute and that he did when the gate fell. He rounded the first corner near the front of the pack and made the pass into the lead in the second corner. As he rounded the next corner, he was unfortunately blindsided by another rider and hit the ground hard. Once he got going again there was no hope due to the time lost but Cade finished strong and showed his heart.


Bubba Pauli has been really gaining some speed as the 2022 season winds down. Bubba has been carrying the torch for the team as Joan Cros is out with injury and has been riding impressively. It was no different when the sun began to shine on the Broncos stadium, and Bubba was on the gas as the first qualifying session began. Bubba put his name on the board early on and kept it there till the end. In the second session, he found even a bit more speed. He would line up for his Heat and when the gate dropped, he did not get the jump he was looking for. He was forced to the back quickly and was only able to work up to 17th by the end.Unfortunately, the LCQ went a similar way and even worse as he found himself on the ground early on in the first lap. He got up, dusted himself off and finished the race strong. He would call it a day and move on to the last round.


Addison Emory had been on hiatus and was ready to get back to it when the day began in Colorado. Being used to dry and handpicked dirt from his home state of Arizona, Addison found his speed quickly as the qualifying sessions began. His speed came with lots of throttle control and he was looking fast and confident. He ended up top 35 when the short qualifying sessions concluded and was ready to go racing. Addison got a mid-pack start when his Heat began and held steady for the majority of the race. Unfortunately, an error caused him to drop back quickly and he would go on to the LCQ. When this one began, Addison got a similar start and was doing everything he could to move forward. On the 4th lap another incident caused him to be pushed back once again and he would call it night in Denver.


David Pulley has been improving his speed immensely in the last few weeks. His year has been littered with unfortunate incidents and he was ready to end the season on a high note. David lined up for the very first session on a very slick track. As the sun rose, he hit the track and was looking confident. He put his name on the board early and stayed in the top 5 for the whole session. In the second and final session, he hit the track with aggression. Then, during one of the early laps, David landed off the triple and as he rounded the next corner, he knew something was wrong. He headed for the mechanics area thinking his chain was derailing. After lots of work, the team had concluded that it wasn’t as simple as they thought. Turns out it was a shifting fork in the transmission and there wasn’t much they could do in the time allowed.