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LS2 RACE Report: DENVER, 2023


Josh Cartwright came into Denver with one thing on his mind, opportunity. With many of the top guys out with injury, he knew it was his time to shine and the opportunity of logging top finishes for the record books were right at his feet. Josh was also invited to race The LCQ challenge race on Friday inside Broncos stadium and knew he had a good chance at winning the big money. Josh did exactly that when the gate dropped as he cruised to a $20,000 pay day. Saturday started well for Josh as he was still riding the high of the day before and was showing he was ready to continue the success when practice began. He would eventually qualify a very impressive 15th fastest and was ready to go under the lights. When the gate dropped for his Heat, Josh launched off the gate with confidence. He snuggled in well inside the top ten early and focused on his laps. He found a home in 8th position and kept it all the way to the checkers, punching his ticket to the Main. In this one, Josh got a similar start and was near the top ten early. He began his work and used his patience to keep his laps fast and steady. By the end, he booked a career best finish of 12th overall in Denver.


Josh Greco was hungry for more as he arrived on sight at mile high stadium on Friday. He had a great opportunity in front of him in the form of the LCQ Challenge Race and did his best to shine when the gate dropped. He did his best to capitalize on all the bets in his favor and definitely gave it all he had. Saturday morning came quick and he was eager to keep the momentum going. Qualifying started off great for Josh as he immediately posted a fast time using his veteran skill to speed through the hard pack soil of Denver. He would eventually qualify well inside the top 35 and go under the lights with confidence. When the gate dropped for his Heat, Josh was forced to shuffle back quickly as first turn chaos ensued. He did everything he could to move forward throughout the short race but would just come up short of qualifying position. The track would prove to be the ultimate opponent as the night went on as the LCQ was a similar story for Josh. A decent jump but slick first corner would push him back in the pack and the slick soils would prove difficult to move forward. His night would be cut short and his focus would shift to the finale in Salt Lake.

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