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LS2 Race Report: Daytona, FL 9 2022


Chatter of Kyle Chisholm’s consistency and determination continues to rise every week and Kyle was ready to keep them talking as the day began in Daytona. His home state advantage was clear to see as the practice sessions began. Kyle looked like he had been riding tracks like the one in Daytona all year as he found the fast lines with ease. Kyle posted another top 20 fastest time as the checkers flew in the final session. Kyle lined up with confidence as he was ready to tackle the rough and rutted dirt. He launched off the gate and continued to run near the front in the opening laps. Kyle knew what he had to do and he executed. He would take the qualifying position and head to the Main Event. Kyle knew there was more to be done and when the gate finally dropped for the final time, he rocketed off the gate. He found himself running near the top ten and was determined to keep his position. His ferocity helped him push through the strenuous conditions to finish a season best, 13th overall on the night.


After a tough LCQ last weekend, Cade Clason had one thing on his mind when he got to Daytona and that was to Qualify for the Main through the Heat race. He hit the multi soil race course with joy as he navigated the unique conditions that Daytona had to offer. He would eventually finish with the 21st fastest overall time of the day and head to the races. When the gate dropped for the Heat, Cade did everything he could to edge his way into the first corner. He came out pretty far back and began to do work but would come up just short by the time the checkers waved. Unfortunately, Cade would go, once again, to the dreaded LCQ. Cade knew what he had to do and was ready to execute. When the gate dropped, he found himself running well inside the top ten and was moving forward quickly. He would Make the move into qualifying position with just a few laps to go. He held on inside that top 4 position all the way to the end and was ready for the main. Cade would stride his way through the technical track and he would end his time in Florida with a 19th overall.


Joan Cros continues to ride the spotlight week after week as he is on the bubble of the main event qualifying position nearly every time he’s on the track. In Daytona, Joan was determined to attack the unique Florida soils as it was challenging to be set for all conditions on one track. He made each practice count as he got stronger and stronger. Joan would eventually qualify just outside the top thirty and was ready to go racing in Florida. When the Heat race began, Joan did not get the usual rocket ship launch off the gate. He struggled as they went down the start straight but Joan continued to fight. He would be knocking on the door of a top ten by race’s end. Joan would line up for the LCQ with determination in his eyes. He bolted down the start straight but was unfortunately plagued with another bad launch off the gate. He funneled through the first corner and began to move forward. By race's end, he was only able to make into 11th and was forced to call it a night in Daytona.


Scotty Wennerstrom started his day in Daytona off with lots of tv time on race day live. He was showing some serious aggression which caught the attention of the camera operators. He was looking strong as he circled the track, eventually finishing up just inside the fast 40. Scotty was looking strong and was ready to go up against the elements in Daytona. When the gate dropped for his Heat, Scotty was pushed back quickly as the thick dirt sucked him down. He began to do everything he could to move forward but was running out of time. By the end he was looking at a trip to the LCQ. His jump off the gate was better in this race but unfortunately he would also finish just short of qualifying position.


Josh Greco has been on the up and up as of late. His speed has been steadily improving as he logs more time on the 250cc machine every day. Josh was no different when the day began in Daytona. Josh took to the track with angst as he hammered the whoop section as fast as he could. He would then string his whoop speed across the whole track showing some serious speed. He would qualify a very impressive 33rd out of all of the 450 classmen. The rest of the night was solid for Josh, He had two solid attempts in the qualifiers and was looking like he could go the distance. Unfortunately, he would fall just short of main event qualification and would call it a night.