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Updated: Apr 2


Josh Greco was very excited to be back in Florida and was ready to attack the notoriously soft soils. He knew the track was going to be soft as the day began but felt his skill set would propel him forward. When free practice began, Josh launched towards the front and was putting down some great lap times. He was looking strong on the very challenging track and knew what he had to do. When qualifying began, Josh immediately began working on a fast lap, knowing the skies could open up at any moment and ruin his chances. Whether it be the insanely deep ruts, or other riders, he could not get a clean lap and ended up just outside the top 40 after the session completed. The rain then began to fall again, along with an announcement that the rest of the sessions were cancelled and his day was unfortunately done. Happy to leave safe with such a dangerous track, Josh would set his focus on the next one. 


Scotty Wennerstrom was more than ready when the day began in Florida and he was pumped to be back in Daytona Beach. With the weather being a bit questionable, Scotty was in full attack mode when his free practice began. He quickly found the fast lines and was logging some impressive lap times. As soon as his practice was over, mother nature decided to have her way with the facility and produced some unwanted water. Scotty's qualifying session was a whole different animal as the track had gotten even softer than it already was. He did his best to navigate the other riders and ruts but could not get a clean lap. As the sessions went on, so did the rain, leading to the eventual cancellation of Scotty's next qualifying session which ultimately cut his day short. On to birmingham. 


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