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LS2 RACE Report: DAYTONA, 2023


Josh Cartwright was eager for the change of pace that is Daytona Supercross. With the mid-season switch up being one of the most famous races of the year, Josh was determined to show what he was capable of. His day started just like any other race day as he immediately found his speed. He immediately began to run the pace of the big boys and secured his spot in the night show with ease. When his heat began, Josh launched off the line and it was easy to see his confidence showing through his riding. He was inside qualifying position early on and was doing everything he could to battle with the factory guys. The track would eventually win as he would shuffle just outside of qualifying position by the end. Josh was ready to make it happen in the LCQ and when the gate dropped, he did just that. He avoided the chaos and was ready for the Main. When this one began, Josh knew he would have to not only beat the track physically but mentally as well. He stayed cautious at first and then found his groove and out in the laps. He would eventually finish up a very commendable 17th on the night.