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LS2 RACE Report: DAYTONA, 2023


Josh Cartwright was eager for the change of pace that is Daytona Supercross. With the mid-season switch up being one of the most famous races of the year, Josh was determined to show what he was capable of. His day started just like any other race day as he immediately found his speed. He immediately began to run the pace of the big boys and secured his spot in the night show with ease. When his heat began, Josh launched off the line and it was easy to see his confidence showing through his riding. He was inside qualifying position early on and was doing everything he could to battle with the factory guys. The track would eventually win as he would shuffle just outside of qualifying position by the end. Josh was ready to make it happen in the LCQ and when the gate dropped, he did just that. He avoided the chaos and was ready for the Main. When this one began, Josh knew he would have to not only beat the track physically but mentally as well. He stayed cautious at first and then found his groove and out in the laps. He would eventually finish up a very commendable 17th on the night.


Joan Cros has had a roller coaster of a year so far in 2023 but he was ready to reset when the day began in Daytona. With his whole support system getting a mid-season reboot, he was refreshed and ready to prove himself. When practice began, he immediately jumped up to the front in his group and was looking energized. His times were impressive early on and he was ready to get under the lights at the speedway. He would qualify well inside the top 30 and was ready when the gate dropped for his Heat. Joan launched off the line looking like his old self. He was banging bars the entirety of the first lap and would come around the green flag in 7th. Joan did his best to keep it going but would eventually get pushed outside of qualifying position by the checkers. When the LCQ began, Joan immediately secured himself inside the top five. He was having a hard-fought battle all the way to the end but would come up just short of qualifying position by the time the checkers flew. He will move on to Indy with confidence.


Scotty Wennerstrom has been following a serious track speed improvement so far this season. His aggression has really come alive and it's easy to see each weekend as he charges the insanely difficult Supercross tracks. The Daytona course was especially challenging on Saturday morning, but he was ready for it. He hit the track with speed and consistency as always and immediately began to find his lines. The ever changing Daytona course was a great change from the traditional tracks and he was looking strong. Scotty would eventually qualify inside the top 35 and was ready to do battle under the lights. When his Heat began, Scotty did his best to keep a wheel on his competition. His outside gate was not doing him any favors as they rounded the first turn. Nevertheless, he pushed on and did his best to move forward. The LCQ was a similar story for Scotty as he found himself mid pack on the first lap. He continued to stay focused on his race and would finish the LCQ just a few spots outside of Main Event qualification. All positive leaving Daytona and he will move on to the ruts of indy.


Josh Greco has been traveling coast to coast so far this season and keeps proving why he belongs in this sport. His Speed has been steadily improving and he was ready to show his hand when practice began in Daytona. He made his way around the very challenging track and was doing everything he could to put in some mistake free laps. He was running in the top part of his group through the first couple sessions but knew he had work to do if he wanted to secure his spot under the lights. Josh went at it hard when his final session began. The Daytona track was proving to be the most challenging of the year as it evolved substantially lap after lap. Eventually, Josh would unfortunately come up just a few positions short and was forced to call it a night in Florida.

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