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LS2 Race Report: Daytona 2021


Kyle Chisholm was rearing and ready to go when the day began in Daytona on Saturday morning. He had used the time off to rest his body and even won a weekday race at the pro circuit open just a few days ago. The Florida boy did exactly what he does best when practice began. He qualified just outside the top 20 and was ready to go racing. When the gate dropped for his Heat, Kyle launched off the gate and was charging forward. He was well within qualifying position when near disaster struck in the rhythm section but Kyle was able to keep it on 2 wheels. He would be forced to go to the LCQ. Kyle did his thing and charged through the pack and secured his Main Event spot. He would finish up a respectable 17th overall on the night.


Cade Clason was feeling exceptionally well when practice began in Daytona. His improvements this year have been monumental and it was evident he was looking to continue the trend. Cade charged through the challenging Florida soils and was able to qualify a strong 28th fastest. Cade went on to finish a very solid 12th place in the Heat race and it was now time for the LCQ. Cade launched off the gate and was inside the top 3 going through the first sections. Suddenly, Cade became possessed as he scrubbed his way into the lead and began to pull away on the stacked field. He was eventually passed by a couple factory riders but would punch his ticket to the Main. Cade would go on to finish 20th overall in Daytona.


Chase Marquier was a brand new rider for LS2 going into Daytona. He is filling in for injured Dakota Alix and was looking right at home as practice began. He qualified well inside the top 40 and was eager to grow his confidence as the day continued. Chase was looking fast in His Heat race as he battled with many top guys as he tried to work his way forward. He would fall just short of qualifying position. In the Last Chance Qualifier, Chase was very flashy but the chaos of crashes and red flags would not help him. He would end up 7th, just outside of qualifying position.


Ryan Surratt was set and ready to go for his 2nd Supercross race in nearly 3 years. He was gelling with the track almost immediately and looking his usual flashy self. Ryan qualified well inside the top 40 but knew he had work to do if he wanted to get into the Main. Ryan went on to his Heat and rode exceptionally well moving all the way up to 12th by the end. When the LCQ began, Ryan catapulted off the gate and was running inside the top 5. He moved up quickly and suddenly, the red flag. After lining back up again, Surratt executed another fantastic start and found himself in the same position until another red flag forced them back to the line again. This time Ryan had to work his way up but would make it happen, finishing an impressive 4th place. Ryan would eventually take 18th overall on the night.


Addison Emory was very happy to be back racing in beautiful Florida. The little bit of rain that fell Saturday morning was no problem for Addison and he was excited to hit the track. He eventually would struggle with the very challenging track conditions and would qualify just outside of the top 50. His night would be over early.


Bubba Pauli has been doing his best to run a race team and ride for that race team all year long. He was well rested after the much needed weekend off and was ready to go when the rain delayed program began on Saturday afternoon. Bubba would hit the track and do his best to find his groove. Unfortunately, he would end up just outside the top 50 and his day in Daytona would be over.


Joan Cros has been making a name for himself in 2021. Flashes of brilliance and spectacular hole shots have kept him in the spotlight. Joan took a liking to the tough and rutted track conditions as they compared closely to what he rides in his home country of Spain. Joan would qualify just outside of the top 40 and regrettably have to call it a day.


Josh Greco shines when the going gets tough and that’s exactly what happened in Daytona on Saturday. The early morning rain made the track soft and the soft dirt quickly turned into deep ruts. Greco found his groove quickly as he was much faster than many riders he is usually beat by. Unfortunately, his efforts would just barely not be enough as he was just outside of 40th when the flag waved in the final session.


Scotty Wennerstrom was excited to take to the very technical Daytona race track in Florida on Saturday afternoon. The rain was no bother to him and it showed as he was flying around the track. Scotty was charging through the different color soils and letting his bike do the dirty work. At the end of the day it just wasn’t quite fast enough as he ended up 48th fastest in the final qualifying session.