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Updated: Apr 2


Scotty Wennerstrom was more than ready when the day began in Alabama. He knew the track crew did a great with how much rain was received in the days prior and was ready to give it all he’s got. When practice began, Scotty quickly realized that, although the track was not mud, it was soft. This proved challenging quickly as the jump transitions went away quickly and once again a very difficult track was laid out before him. Scotty did his best to fight and new qualifying was going to be a chore. The final session began and Scotty was doing everything he could to just get a clean lap. The results showed Scotty was fastest in his group on many parts of the track but putting them all together on such a torn up track was another story. By the end he would fall just short of qualifying position and his night was cut short early. He will take the positives into Indy next week and do it all again! 


Josh Greco went into Birmingham on Saturday with high expectations and was ready to do everything he could to show his skills. On Saturday morning, the chance of rain was rampant in everyone’s minds but the downpour that Alabama had endured the days prior was evident. After the first practice began, Josh immediately knew it was going to be a tough day. During his first practice, the ruts really began to show. He did his best to stay on two wheels and was looking strong. The next qualifier was a similar story as the track had continued to deteriorate and it was all about survival. Josh posted a respectable lap time but it came down to the last session where he knew he had to give it his all. He began with high confidence but just could not get a clean lap whether it be lappers, deep ruts, or crashes around him. Onward and upward to more ruts in Indianapolis! 


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