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LS2 Race Report: Atlanta, GA 14 2022


David Pulley made the 30 hour drive to Atlanta the week prior to race day and he was determined to make it worthwhile. Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans as Saturday morning made Atlanta Motor Speedway look more like a jet ski course than a Supercross track. Nevertheless, David was determined to put in the work and when his single qualifying session began, he hit the track with aggression. He did his best to figure out the track quickly but the slippery conditions proved challenging. He would end up 24th fastest in the West coast division but because of the East/West format, that would put him outside the top 40 and his night was done.


Josh Cartwright woke up Saturday morning to a surprising amount of rain in Atlanta and was not sure what to expect. Once the practice order was finally sorted out, Josh lined up for his one and only qualifying session. He launched into it with urgency as he knew he only had a few laps to figure out the track and put in a time good enough to beat the stacked East/West Showdown roster. Josh was able to do what he needed as he put in a very impressive time good enough for 16th fastest in his coast. The Heat race started off very well for Josh until a mishap shuffled him back. The LCQ was a similar story for Josh unfortunately, and his night would end sooner than he had hoped.


Cade Clason has been a big buzz in the sport as of late and deservedly so. The career best finishes that he continues to collect week to week are nothing short of impressive. Cade was all smiles on Saturday morning as the rain fell. When the track was finally ready for the bikes, Cade hit the track with his usual tactics. He figured out the fast lines quickly, qualified top 20, and was ready to go racing. In his Heat race, Cade launched off the line and was looking strong. He continued to circulate with confidence making his way all the way up to 7th by the checkers. In the Main, Cade got a decent start and found himself trying to find a good spot in the line up to settle in and put in some solid laps. He eventually fell into 15th spot and was looking very solid. Suddenly, a technical issue of some sort presented itself and Cade was forced to call it a night a little over half way through the Main.


Josh Greco has been wildly improving lately. His speed has been picking up immensely as his stamina. Josh hit the track with eagerness as the whoop sections and tacking red Georgia clay were calling his name. He used his short and only qualifying session wisely as he put in a near top 35 fastest time, and learned all the fast lines on the track. In the Heat, Josh struggled off the start due to being underpowered on the smaller motored machine than his competitors. The start was perhaps the longest of the season. Josh did not play over though, he continued to charge through the whole race. He would end up 16th. The LCQ was a similar story for Josh as he looked strong but just needed a bit more speed to move through the pack like he wanted to. He would end up 15th in the LCQ and call it a night.