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LS2 RACE Report: ATLANTA, 2023


Josh Cartwright was still feeling the confidence when he arrived at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Saturday. Josh was determined to keep his season going in the right direction and he loved what he saw when the qualifying sessions began. The Atlanta track was immediately a refreshing change as the speeds were much faster as he charged through the open Georgia air.Josh was staying patient to find the fast lines and it was evident he was having no troubles. He would eventually qualify just outside the top 20 and was ready to go racing. With the sun still high in the air, the gate dropped for his heat and he did everything he could to get off the line quickly. He found himself just outside the top 15 as they rounded the first corner and he went to work. He would pass everyone he could but simply ran out of time by the end. He would finish just two spots outside of qualifying position. In the LCQ, he was determined to make it happen, and that’s exactly what he did when the gate dropped. He launched off the line with the front of the pack and was looking determined. He took the green flag in 5th position but was not going to settle. He would make it all the way to 3rd by the time the checkers flew. In the Main, Josh had a typical steady consistent race. Survival was the name of the game and he was looking calm and calculated as laps ticked by. He would end up with a very commendable 18th place finish on the night.


Scotty Wennerstrom made his way from Arizona to Atlanta and was once again ready for battle when the sun rose in Georgia on Saturday morning. He was feeling great when practice began and was excited for the change of pace that was the Atlanta track. The tacky dirt meshed well with his hand as he made his way fiercely around the long course. He would eventually end up a very impressive 29th fastest when qualifying concluded and was ready to go racing. When the gate dropped for his Heat, Scotty launched off the line and was banging bars as he made his way into the first corner. A mishap would push him towards the back and he was fighting to move forward. He would set his focus on the next one and see what he could do. When the LCQ finally began, Scotty got off to a much better start and was looking strong. He began making passes quickly and was moving up through the pack. By the end, he would come up just outside the top ten but it wasn’t for lack of effort. He would pack up his stuff and get an early jump on the trip to the Northeast.


Josh Greco was excited to get back to some tacky soil when his day started at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The red Georgia clay suits his riding style well and he was excited to give it all he had when practice began. Josh quickly blitzed the long whoop sections and was looking aggressive everywhere. His times were looking very fast in the first two sessions and his confidence was increasing with every lap. He would eventually find enough speed to qualify a very impressive 23rd overall and was ready to go racing in Atlanta. When the gate dropped, Josh unfortunately did not get the jump he was looking for as he was shuffled towards the back quickly. He did everything he could to move through the pack but was forced to turn his focus to the LCQ. When this one began, Josh knew he had the speed to run near the front and was doing everything he could to get there. Unfortunately, a similar start would keep him from reaching qualifying position once again but Josh knew his speed was there. He will take the confidence and head Northeast.


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