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LS2 Race Report: ATL 3 2021


Cade Clason has been a big talking point in all things Supercross this week in Atlanta. Cade has been building confidence and it’s easy to see when he hits the track especially on Saturday. Cade once again qualified impressively, well within the top 25. In his Heat, Cade did not get the jump off the gate he needed but put in steady laps to the end. He was able to make it up to 12th and go on to the LCQ with confidence. When this race began, Cade got a much better start and was just outside the top 5. He knew what needed to be done and executed. By the time the checkers flew, he had put himself into the final qualifying position. In the Main, Cade would finish up a solid top 20 to end the Atlanta swing.


Josh Cartwright continued his race into shape program when the qualifying sessions began in Atlanta on Saturday. He put in some fast laps on the demanding track and secured a top 30 lap time. In the Heat, a poor start would force him to do his work from the back, finishing just outside top 15. In the LCQ, Josh was pinched off in the start and would again work his way forward. Nevertheless, Josh is getting those much needed laps and gate drops under his belt going into the final rounds.


Scotty Wennerstrom was feeling the flow when the final Atlanta round began. He was charging each and every qualifying session, eventually landing 34th on the fast 40 list. In his Heat, he had an issue off the gate forcing him to play catch up for the rest of the race. In the LCQ, a similar situation was the case, ending his night just a bit early as he finished outside of qualifying position. On to Salt lake!


Joan Cros has been solidifying himself as a household name in the sport and continued to do so on Saturday. He charged the track in typical fashion and landed just inside of the top 40. Joan launched off the gate in his Heat but was pushed back quickly. He didn’t let it get him down as he immediately began to charge back up through the pack to 16th. In the LCQ, he was doing everything he could to continue to move forward once again but would settle for a commendable 8th, ending his night early.


Josh Greco has been finding his true speed in Atlanta all week long despite struggling through a cold. Big jumps and big whoops are his thing and it was no different on Saturday. Josh once again was fastest in his session as he blitzed the whoops like they were nothing. Unfortunately, the competition was stacked on Saturday as his time barely put him over the cut line by the time qualifying wrapped up.


Luke Neese has been doing his best to figure out the big boy class the last few rounds. Unfortunately it's much harder than it looks as he has been able to get his lap times quite low enough. When he took to the track on Saturday it seemed he was his old self as he looked smooth, silky, and aggressive. Unfortunately his time would again fall just short of qualifying speed. Back on the 250 next weekend.


Bubba Pauli has been looking strong all week and on Saturday he was determined to finish out the Atlanta week on a high note. Bubba took to the challenging track and looked to find his speed quickly. He attacked the long big whoops like a top guy and was looking strong. After the final session, his time came in just outside the top 40 due to the stiff completion and he was forced to call it a night early.