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LS2 Race Report: ATL 2 2021


Kyle Chisholm was ready to continue his Georgia momentum when the qualifying sessions began on Tuesday. Kyle took a liking to the opposite direction track quickly and began to put in some heaters. Kyle put in a time good enough for the 20th fastest overall and was going for an even faster time when disaster struck. Kyle got bucked as he was coming out of the whoops and accidentally grabbed a handful of throttle and was along for the ride. His bike flew across the track and Kyle ended up landing on his shoulder on a piece of the concrete skirting. He remounted and did his best to ride but ended up calling it a day.


Cade Clason has been the center of attention as of late and was ready to shine again in Atlanta on a Tuesday. Cade put in some impressive times in qualifying and ended up 22nd fastest overall going into the heat races. Cade launched off the gate under the Atlanta lights as his Heat race began. He found himself with work to do and began just that. By the checkers, he was just a few spots out of the top 9. When the LCQ began, Cade got a notoriously good jump and was in contention early. He solidified himself in a top 4 position and kept his focus forward. He would hold on to the final transfer position and punch his ticket to the Main Event. He would finish 17th overall on the night.


Josh Cartwright was feeling much better when his day started inside Atlanta Motor Speedway. He took a liking to the dryer track conditions and found his groove early on. His improvement continued to gain traction as he put in a time fast enough for 27th overall. Josh did his best in the Heat race but a bad jump off the line would prove difficult to move as far forward as he needed. He would end up 14th. Unfortunately, a similar story prevailed when the LCQ began as he was not able to get into the transfer position. Steps in the right direction, on to Saturday.


Bubba Pauli was flowing with confidence when he hit the track in Atlanta on Tuesday. It proved as he tackled the tricky track and put in faster and faster laps. He would end up qualifying well inside the top 40 once again and was ready to get to racing. Bubba did his best to battle through the pack after bad starts plagued him throughout the rest of the night. Every time he went by he was either passing or getting ready to pass other riders. He would miss out on the Main by just a few spots.


Joan Cros was fired up and ready to hit the red Georgia clay that the Atlanta track was made of. He used his technical skills to slice and dice through the rutty conditions and was able to once again qualify inside the top 35. Joan, unfortunately, didn’t get the best jump in his Heat but he stayed hungry. He was ripping through and doing his best to get through the pack. He would go on to the LCQ and when this race began, Joan again didn’t get a favorable start. He kept his head down and was picking off guys left and right as he made it up to 5th place but would run out of time. On to Atlanta 3.