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LS2 Race Report: ATL 1 2021


Kyle Chisholm had been suffering a cold all week going into Atlanta but was determined to put in the work nonetheless. Kyle started his day off by qualifying an impressive 19th fastest in his one and only qualifying session. He felt at home right away and was ready to get to racing. When his Heat race began, Kyle launched off the gate and was right in the midst of the battle. Kyle put in the work and ended up punching his ticket to the Main. Kyle found himself in the middle of the pack once again when the Main Event started and he was doing everything he could to keep it inside the top ten. Kyle started to get worn down late due to the illness the week before and was able to hold on to another impressive top 15 finish.


Cade Clason has been on a tear as of late and was ready to continue it in Atlanta. Cade found a liking to the track quickly as the rain began to fall. He knew he had to put down some laps fast and did just that. He ended up qualifying a solid 22nd and was ready to get to racing. Cade kept his momentum high as the gate dropped for his Heat. He was running in a great position and ended up in the final qualifying position by the time the checkers flew. Cade began his work when the Main Event began and was looking extremely solid. He finished up 17th overall on the night. His best finish in over 3 years.


Joan Cros had a great few weeks off from racing and was ready to put his work to the test when the day started at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Joan started off his one and only practice on fire. He found his groove quick and put in a blistering time good enough for an impressive 24th fastest. When his Heat began, Joan was doing everything he could to move forward. He was looking very aggressive but eventually fell just short of qualifying position. Unfortunately, a bad start in the Last Chance Qualifier would force Joan to call his day early as he was only able to get up to 9th place by the finish.


Josh Cartwright has been doing his best to race his way back into shape after an injury earlier this year. He wasn’t feeling the best when the day started but was still able to qualify into the show and was looking forward to gate drop. In his Heat, Josh was only able to get to 17th but was doing his best to keep the day going. A bad start was the cause of his issues in the LCQ as he was only able to come back to 15th by the checkers. On to Atlanta 2.


Scotty Wennerstrom was a man on a mission when the day started in Atlanta. He took full advantage of his one and only practice as he put in a top 35 time. When his Heat began, Scotty was cut off quick and was forced to the back of the pack. He did his best to move forward but there wasn’t much he could do. When the LCQ began, a similar situation arose as Scotty found himself fighting his way through the pack again. He would call it a night and move on to Atlanta 2.


Bubba Pauli has been on a stretch of not so favorable results and was ready to turn it around in Atlanta. Bubba took to the track and knew the rain was coming. He laid down his fast laps as fast as he could as the precipitation began to fall. Bubba finished strong and was looking forward to the next session, unfortunately the rest of qualifying was cancelled but luckily Bubba secured his spot in the show with his first session efforts. Bubba would go on to finish a respectable 16th in his Heat race and charged through the pack to take a commendable 13th in the LCQ.


Chase Marquier was getting better and better before the break, and was looking forward to continuing the improvement in Atlanta. Chase came out swinging as his qualifying session began. He found his flow quickly on the long track and was laying down some fast laps quickly. Unfortunately, it all came to a halt as he went over the bars in the whoops with the bike closely following and landing on him as well. Although he was shaken up for a minute, Chase was able to get up and head to the Alpinestars medical rig where he was sadly diagnosed with a broken arm. His qualifying efforts were good enough for 24th overall and he was not able to take advantage of it. Best wishes go to him and his recovery.


Ryan Surratt began his Saturday in Atlanta a little off pace of his usual flash and speed. He was able to get the track down quickly and qualify inside the top 40 but knew he had his work cut out for him. Ryan was able to get back to race pace in his Heat but would fall just short of qualifying position. Another bad start in the LCQ would force Ryan to put his head down and he did just that. He pushed to the end but would again come up just short of qualifying position. Bring on Atlanta 2.


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