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LS2 Race Report: Arlington, TX 8 2022


Kyle Chisholm came into Dallas with one thing on his mind on Saturday morning. That was to do everything he could to avoid the dreaded LCQ and transfer directly into the triple crown format which only allows the fastest 18 riders in. Kyle hit the track with determination in his eyes and it was no joke. When it's time to get the job done, he knows how to do it and that’s exactly what happened. Kyle qualified a very impressive 14th fastest and was ready to do battle in the three race format. In the first Main, Kyle was plagued with a horrible jump out of the gate and went to work. He would end up 17th. The next one was a much better story for him as he secured a top 15 finish by the end. Kyle would eventually figure out his starts as he got a much better jump in the final race of the evening. He would do exactly what he does best and push all the way to the end where he would cross the checkers in 13th. All in all it was a great night as his efforts would be good enough for another top 15 finish in Texas.


Cade Clason had a similar goal as his buddy Kyle Chisholm going into Texas on Saturday. He was determined to do everything he could to avoid the LCQ before the night began. Cade looked strong as always when the qualifying sessions began. He was looking strong inside the top 18 all day, but when the final session began the pressure was on. Every rider was aware of the situation and the limits were being pushed. Cade did everything he could but would end up 19th fastest and head to the LCQ. When this race began, Cade had determination written all over his face. Cade launched out of the gate and fought his way through the first few corners eventually climbing his way into the lead. He would see the green flag wave and pull away. He would take the win, go on the big screen for the interview and head to the Mains with relief. The first race would see Cade’s best finish of the year thus far with a 14th and he was ready to continue it. Unfortunately the second race didn't go as planned and he was forced to settle for 20th. The third race was looking better for Cade until disaster struck for him off the finish line where he completely faced the landing and was forced to wait for all traffic to go by until picking up his bike and calling it a night. Still a solid night for Cade finishing up 20th overall.


Joan was excited to get back to the rutty soils of Dallas, Texas when the day began. He was ready to continue to show his ferocity and prove he belongs in the Mains. When the practice sessions began, he took to the track with confidence and found his groove quickly. His times were looking typically strong as his improvement throughout the season continued to grow. Joan would eventually qualify just outside the top 20. When the LCQ began, all bets were on Joan for the holeshot and he didn't let them down. He rounded the first corner out front and did everything he could before being overtaken by his fellow LS2 rider, Cade Clason. He would ride a smart race all the way to the checkers where he would finish 3rd and punch his ticket to the night show. When the races began, Joan knew all he had to do was stay consistent and avoid danger. He did his best to do that and would finish top 20 in the first two races. He was pushed to the back of the pack in the final race but would set his sights forward. Suddenly a square edge caught Joan’s rear wheel at the end of the final whoop section forcing him to launch immediately to the left. Joan and the bike would end up through the banners and on the wrong side of the concrete wall. It would take multiple personnel to get Joans bike out of the hole and he would call it a night in Dallas. Nevertheless he would be scored with a solid 22nd overall on the night.


Bubba Pauli has been watching the steady improvement of his teammate Joan and it seems to be rubbing off on him. His aggression has continued to improve and the lion inside him is beginning to show more and more each week. When practice began on Saturday morning inside AT&T Stadium, Bubba was determined to put in some good times to avoid the LCQ. He was pushing harder than ever but would eventually fall just short right behind his teammate. In the LCQ, Bubba got off to a mid pack or better start and could see the qualifying position ahead. He continued to claw his way up but would unfortunately run out of time. Bubba would take the lessons learned and go into his role as team owner and watch his teammate closely throughout the rest of the night.


Scotty Wennerstrom continues to be a staple in the industry of Supercross week after week. His name is well known throughout the country and deservedly so as he has been at it for a very long time. The consistent rider started his day off very well when Practice began in Dallas. His bike was working great as he attacked the rutted track. Scotty charged through all three sessions and would finish up a respectable 34th fastest overall. In the LCQ, Scotty was determined to get a good start but would get pinched off quickly going down the start straight. Nevertheless he put his head down and began to work through the pack. By the time the checkered flag flew, he had made it into 10th position which was a great finish for Scotty but would not be enough to punch his ticket to the show. There is no doubt he will go into next weekend with confidence.


Josh Greco has been racing back into shape all year this season and he is really starting to come into desired form. Week after week, his stamina is continuing to improve as he charges further and further into the qualifying sessions. Dallas had two whoop sections which Josh was pleased to see when the day began in Texas. Josh took to the track and began blitzing the difficult sections immediately. Right away, he was in the upper half of the times and stayed there through the end of the sessions. His whoop speed was the separator this weekend as he qualified his best of the year with 31st fastest overall. When the LCQ began for Josh he unfortunately found himself in the back of the pack due to the long start and his power deficiency being the only one on a 250cc machine in the 450cc division. Nevertheless, He set his sights on the pack in front of him and would claw his way up. He would finish a very respectable 12th in the LCQ and call it a night with content.